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Libs Of Tik Tok Twitter Account Pulls Back The Curtain On Radical Leftism

Libs of TikTok

The Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account offers a glimpse into the minds of progressives: where they are now and where they’re headed.


Many conservatives aren’t on TikTok over valid privacy concerns that their data collected by its Beijing-headquartered parent company ByteDance can be shared with the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, the app was deemed such a threat to national security by intelligence officials in the Trump administration that the former president tried to ban the platform in U.S. app stores last summer.

According to the Pew Research Center in April, Democrats between the ages of 18-45 were 7 percent more likely to be on the app than Republicans of the same age. Considering the animosity toward the app for its close relationship with communist China, the lack of Republicans on the platform is to some extent a result of a right-wing pundit class that is especially wary of the company’s behind-the-scene motives.

This absence has left many in the dark on what gets posted on the platform, albeit filtered through echo chambers as content gets self-curated through its profoundly addictive algorithms. A new account on Twitter, however, called “Libs of Tik Tok” has shed light on the progressive radicalism brewing on the popular video-sharing website.

The account, which merely highlights content from some of the most radical producers on the platform in an effort to mock them, opens a window not only into activity on the app, but into the minds of progressives, showing where they are now and where they’re headed.

Attempts to Mainstream Radical Gender and Sexuality Theories

Forget the gender binary. Progressives have deemed that oppressive as they create new genders and sexualities out of thin air.

While it might appear innocent at first, one can easily imagine how confusing it must be to a 12-year-old child in puberty to be subjected to a wide array of sexualities and genders that don’t exist in reality but are explained as existential to one’s identity. The app is most popular among children and teens, with 25 percent of its U.S. users between 10 and 19 years old.

The short clips below showcase the bizarre trend of progressives on TikTok explaining new sexualities and pronouns beyond the binary scale in a form of woke-speak advertised directly to kids.

This new phenomenon, playing out in plain sight on TikTok while concealed within K-12 classrooms, threatens to breed its own epidemic of “rapid-onset gender dysphoria,” a socially contagious condition creating a new generation of sexually confused adolescents taking cues from their peers.

Meanwhile, the push to move blind acceptance into the mainstream brings with it severe consequences for public health, such as medical professionals missing proper diagnoses because they deny a clear understanding of gender. Yet children on the most popular app among teens and pre-teens are inundated with terms redefining puberty itself, such as “greysexuality” or “aceflux,” the latter of which apparently means that someone’s capacity for sexual romance changes overtime. In other words, kids are being led to believe they’re queer if they’re horny sometimes more than others, which is actually a natural cycle.

Or they’re told they’re queer if they may only feel sexually attracted to individuals with whom they feel emotionally bonded, noted by the label “demisexual,” a testament to how far the culture has already shifted from a few short decades ago.

Meanwhile, denying someone’s gender is portrayed as a grave offense.

And if one isn’t attracted to any of the above, that’s transphobic.

Aggressive Wokeism Shows Critical Race Theory in Action

The Libs of Tik Tok account on Twitter has also offered insight into where progressives genuinely stand on race, now embracing open racism.

And that white supremacist society starts with white women.

Teachers, meanwhile, have exposed themselves as being obsessed with critical race theory while teachers unions dubiously claim that the unpopular curriculum is not taught in schools.