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A Seven-Day Journey Through The Revolt Against The American People

A young guest at the 2020 Salute to America event on the White House South Lawn. Andrea Hanks/White House/Flickr.

(Watch the video for a monologue on this article and a powerful interview with Power The Future’s Daniel Turner on the elites’ war on America.)

Last Friday, a six-year-old girl was shot down in a drive-by in Washington, D.C. while she walked with her parents and her younger sister by a park that hadn’t been taken care of — hadn’t been trimmed, hadn’t even been cleaned up or properly patrolled — by the city in a very long time. Authorities had surrendered the park to addicts and criminals, but the morning after the shooting you can bet the cleaning crews were there. It wasn’t worth salvaging the park for normal citizens who lived there, but it was for the news cameras.

This past Thursday was the six-month anniversary of the Biden administration, and by extension, the six-month anniversary of the demise of the Keystone Pipeline. The Austin American-Statesman fact-checked complaints from now-unemployed workers, claiming the jobs weren’t actually lost — they were just temporarily lost. Forever.

On Wednesday, a Politico story broke down continuing lockdowns by county, party, and then income. It was supposed to show Democrats and Republicans have similar COVID strategies, which is laughable, but it showed something different instead: working-class people are back at work. Many have always been working. And the rich folks? Not so much; but guess who’s calling for more lockdowns? (It’s not the hourly workers.)

On Tuesday, Sen. Joe Manchin said he was comfortable voting for Tracy Stone-Manning to head the Bureau of Land Management. Stone-Manning is a retired eco-terrorist who assisted men who put steel spikes in trees — the kind of steel spikes that nearly killed 23-year-old George Alexander, a mill worker whose jaw was split in half, teeth broken, and face scarred by a spike driven in by a different eco-terrorist.

Last Monday, a federal judge ruled that Indiana University could force its students to either be vaccinated or else to wear a mask at all times — while walking around, while in class, while working out in the gym. A sort of second-class citizen kind of thing.

And over the weekend, corporate media outlets mocked a 34-year-old man who had died of COVID-19. Why? He wasn’t famous, influential, or known beyond his friends, family, colleagues, and community. The reason for stories in the BBC, NBC, The Independent, New York Post, The Daily Beast and many others is he was a conservative Christian who had mocked the vaccine.

So what do these things have in common?

Every single one of them are examples of wealthy, powerful elites making decisions that affect the rest of the country a lot more than they affect their friends. Every single one of them hurts the rest of us; hurts the American people badly. And if it seems like it’s something every single day, it’s because it is.

Filth for Thee, Comfort for Me

Sure, this past week has been embarrassing for D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser: It’s getting increasingly untenable for her to embrace and endorse anti-law-and-order radicals like Black Lives Matter and tolerate crime while governing a city that is awash in blood. But at least she doesn’t have to live in the filth.

Far from it, she literally lives in the furthest corner possible from where the shooting took place, in a nice single-family home in Colonial Village on Rock Creek Park, bordering Silver Spring. It’s so far out of reach of the criminals she’s unleashed on the rest of us that she and her neighbors will never have to see them except from inside the back of their black cars (windows up, of course, to deter panhandlers).

Yes, the Keystone decision hits energy executives in their pockets, but who does it most deeply affect? If it had been built, it would have employed 11,000 people. Instead, it will employ zero. So if you guessed those 11,000 people, you’d have guessed right.

But surely there are other, better jobs, right? Maybe not so much, because for good measure, President Joe Biden blocked all new drilling permits on federal lands.

So how about those awesome green jobs he promised everyone they would get instead? Those have been on their way for more than a decade now, yet somehow they’re always just around the bend — and somehow middle America just keeps hollowing out instead. (It’s all a little less surprising when you realize then-Vice President Joe Biden was the guy in charge of teaching the coal miners how to code after his old boss took the lucrative jobs they’d just held and destroyed them for his friends in Manhattan and L.A.)

And then there are the lockdowns. In those everyone is equal, though some are more equal than others. In a lot of the country, including D.C., teachers still don’t want to go back to work; they say it’s too risky — they might get sick. Best to force your children to rot in front of Chinese Zoom instead.

Of course, if they actually wanted any tips on how to go to work safely, they might ask the nurses or grocery clerks or flight attendants or bartenders or police officers or construction workers or cab drivers or soldiers or cooks or trash collectors or cameramen or janitors or plumbers or warehouse employees or firemen who’ve long been back at work, or never took time off at all. They work to keep this country going, while the elite classes who feed on it like ticks do everything they can to shut it down again.

The top echelons of society don’t know, or they don’t remember, what it’s like to work by the hour — and they don’t care about the people who do.

And who is Tracy Stone-Manning, anyway? After her friends sneaked into the Idaho woods to nail those spikes into trees, she sent a letter to the U.S. Forest Service telling them that 500 pounds of steel had been jammed into trees.

Was this warning to save lives? Was it because she felt guilty about booby traps that could kill or maim working-class men? Of course not. It was all in a bid to intimidate them and stop any more logging there; it’s because while she was OK with wounding or killing them, her lust for destruction was satisfied with simply destroying their jobs.

When she was arrested for her terrorism, Stone-Manning avoided prosecution by rolling over on her terrorist friends and testifying against them. Lucky her; turns out the caged bird does sing.

And now Sen. Joe Manchin — that’s Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, where all those coal jobs used to be before his last president destroyed them — said he’s happy to confirm this confirmed eco-terrorist to literally be in charge of our country’s forests and land management. Seriously. It’s funny how life works out for a lot of retired left-wing terrorists, from Bill Ayers to Angela Davis.

And then there’s the college and university systems. They’re literally battling in court right now (and currently winning) to force you or your children or grandchildren to take an experimental injection in order to protect them from a disease that isn’t a threat to teenagers.

What are the effects this might have long-term? Might it impact young people’s fertility? Hopefully not, but we have no idea because it’s brand new. These are the first MRNA vaccines ever created — just 18 months ago they were entirely theoretical. Even now, while experiments are ongoing these haven’t been approved by the FDA.

Oh, and no one is allowed to ask any questions or raise any concerns about it or they will be silenced by Big Tech and corporate media with the White House loudly cheering them on. Doesn’t matter if you’re a frontline worker or even another scientist — just shut your mouth and take the shot or else. No opinions matter except for the right opinions, according to the right people.

And if you have the wrong opinion, well then you just might deserve to die, like Stephen Harmon, a young Christian man in Los Angeles who publicly professed faith in God until the very end, and who was openly rejected the experimental vaccine. He ended up dying of COVID, a sad end to a young life — and one that vaccine advocates certainly could have carefully and sensitively highlighted to argue he might not have died had he been vaccinated.

That, of course, isn’t what happened. Instead, he was dragged and mocked, just as anyone who resists Tony Fauci is dragged and mocked in death. While doctors, nurses, grocery store employees, and a host of others tending to our health were lauded as “front-line workers” during the pandemic, for example, priests and pastors who tended to our spiritual health were mocked for their faith and dragged publicly in their suffering. How dare they operate outside the narrative.

A Revolt Against The People

Every single one of these positions comes from wealthy, privileged elites.

Every single one of them affects working people hardest by far.

Every single day, more and more Americans are finding their lives held hostage by the ideology of an elite that has the privilege of avoiding nearly all consequences for its own actions.

And it’s everywhere you look. Did you know that in Seattle there have been close to 200 cases of people throwing bricks, rocks, and other debris at motorists from overpasses? That’s just so far this year. Eventually, the attackers will kill somebody, but Seattle isn’t inclined to stop it.

It’s not a mystery what’s happening: No rock-hurling hipster clubs have been discovered on Facebook; no highway Lego sets seized by federal agents. No, the people who are responsible are crazed and drug-addicted street people living in encampments that are clustering beneath the overpasses and in other nearby public parks.

Residents have complained about the camps for months; tolerating them does nothing but make life more dangerous and less healthy. It makes the city uglier. It makes life a little worse for everyone, and a lot worse for people whose only offense is living in a city and state whose leaders don’t care about them.

But the homeless encampments remain untouched because an insane, anti-human ideology is winning out over common decency and good government. It’s winning out because once again, for the people in charge there are no serious consequences: Their home values aren’t the ones at risk, they aren’t the people who have to worry about drugs and crime, their children aren’t being harassed in the streets by perverted sex pests.

It’s the same reason we saw leaders indulge the push last year to defund police departments. The same Minneapolis city council members who voted to abolish their city’s police were getting tens of thousands of dollars for special security around their own homes.

It’s a strange thing, what’s going on in this country. What we are experiencing is a revolt by the rulers against the ruled; the strongest and most able against the weakest and least able to defend themselves. It’s not the kind of thing we’re used to seeing in modern America, but in all humanity — from royal France to Soviet Russia to communist China to the warlords of Africa to the drug lords of Latin America — in all humanity it exists just beneath the surface, when oligarchies rise up and elites control nearly every aspect of our lives.

There’s another strange thing going on here, though, that makes it very different from what we’ve ever seen elsewhere. Our elites don’t just hate us, they hate our country. There’s no patriotism in this strange faux aristocracy. Even the Soviets loved Russia; the Bourbons loved France; the chairmen loved China. Why don’t our leaders love America?

It’s because America — her founding, her peoples, her prosperity, her freedom — does not fit into their new morality. She doesn’t match the code that pushes them further and further, despite outcries from down below.

These experiments — this unbelievable tolerance of crime and drug abuse and public perversion and squalor? They make the powerful feel good about themselves; they demonstrate benevolence; they signal virtue. And in a culture that has banished God, they temporarily ease the pain of separation and make the separated feel like they still serve a higher purpose.

It’s artificial, of course: Just as with the highs of the street addicts and the thrills of youthful violence, it’s a poor substitute. This is why they have to keep pushing and further and will continue to do so — until we the voters stop them.