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Chip Roy Introduces Bill To Remove Race-Focused Diversity Officer Positions From The Military

Chip Roy

Rather than fund the left-wing indoctrination of America’s troops, Roy argues that the DoD should focus on what it does best: defending the United States.


Rep. Chip Roy of Texas introduced the Restoring Military Focus Act on Thursday, in an attempt to defund the Department of Defense’s partisan diversity officers. The proposed legislation would eliminate the positions of Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion, as well as the position of Chief Diversity Officer. The bill will also prevent federal funds from supporting similar positions in the future.

“The Department of Defense’s top priority should be to develop our men and women in the Armed Forces into a united, lethal, and battle-ready force primed to defend the United States’ interests at a moment’s notice,” Roy said. “Instead, the Defense Department has allocated tax-payer dollars to support Chief Diversity Officers tasked to establish ‘training in diversity dynamics’ and ‘evaluations and assessments of diversity.’” 

Rather than fund the left-wing indoctrination of America’s troops, Roy argues that the DOD should focus on what it does best: defending the United States.

“Not only are [the aforementioned] positions a waste of hard earned tax-payers dollars, but they also undermine and distract from the purpose of the U.S. military,” Roy said in a statement Thursday. 

Roy’s legislation comes in response to the continued politicization of the U.S. military. The United States Special Operations Command recently reappointed Richard Torres-Estrada as its Chief Diversity Officer. Torres-Estrada came under fire in March, after his critics said he shared a Facebook meme in June 2020, in which he compared former President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. His hatred of Republicans is well-documented, but after an investigation into his social media activity, Torres-Estrada returned to his position, in order to indoctrinate military personnel with critical race theory. 

Meanwhile, Gen. Mark Milley made headlines in June, when he promoted CRT by testifying in a House Armed Services Committee hearing “that he wants ‘to understand white rage.'”

Torres-Estrada and Milley aren’t the only egregious examples of military partisanship. Republican Sen. Tom Cotton and Rep. Dan Crenshaw recently reported that they’ve received hundreds of whistleblower complaints “about Pentagon extremist and diversity training.” America’s troops are being force-fed the leftist lie that the country is “a fundamentally racist and evil nation” and that “the entire U.S. army is racist.”

 “There is no place for toxic critical race theory in our military,” Cotton said, noting that the military’s politicization has caused “plummeting morale, growing mistrust between the races and sexes where none just existed six months ago, and unexpected retirements and separations.” 

Roy slammed the DOD for promoting such an overtly progressive, divisive agenda under the Biden administration.

“We need to stop the politicization of the Department of Defense and keep our Armed Forces focused on their goal of defending our national security. The Restoring Military Focus Act is an important and necessary step to push back against the progressive agenda at the Department of Defense,” Roy said. 

He’s joined by Reps. Dan Crenshaw, Brian Mast, Scott DesJarlais, Matt Rosendale, Bill Johnson, and Lauren Boebert, in demanding that Congress pass the Restoring Military Focus Act.