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Joe Rogan: Emily Jashinsky Was ‘Really Good’ As ‘Rising’ Co-Host

Joe Rogan Rising

Federalist culture editor Emily Jashinksy got a shoutout from Joe Rogan, who praised her recent work as co-host of The Hill’s daily news show ‘Rising.’


Federalist culture editor Emily Jashinksy received a shoutout on Thursday from renowned podcast host Joe Rogan, who praised Jashinsky’s recent work filling in as co-host of The Hill’s daily news show “Rising.” The moment came during a taping of Rogan’s daily podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“I do have to say that I love Saagar [Enjeti] and I love Krystal [Ball]. They’re f-cking awesome. But those new people they hired on “Rising,” they’re good,” Rogan told guest and left-wing activist Kyle Kulinski.

While unable to recall her last name, Rogan went on to specifically praise Jashinsky, noting her work was “really good.”

“Emily, she was really good, with Ryan too,” said Rogan. “They were both good together.”

Rogan later added he thoroughly enjoyed the program, complimenting the hosts for their ability to deliver news in a clear and objective manner.

“It [‘Rising’] was along the same vein,” Rogan said. “It was independent thinkers. They were talking about things honestly, they were objective, they were breaking down the facts. There was no bullsh-t rhetoric. … I liked it.”

After the episode aired, Jashinsky took to Twitter to thank the famous podcast host for his comments.

90 beautiful seconds of American hero @joerogan trying to figure out my last name,” she wrote. “Love you, Joe! Appreciate the shoutout.”

For the past two weeks, Jashinsky has co-hosted “Rising” alongside Ryan Grim, the D.C. bureau chief for The Intercept. Daily episodes of the series are available to watch on YouTube, as well as The Hill’s television platform, Hill.TV. You can see what was on Jashinsky’s radar here, here, here, here, here, and here.