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Energy Policies & Aliens: A Dispatch From New Mexico

oil and gas

New Mexico has already seen an exodus of oil producers leaving the state for Texas. The Biden administration’s energy policies could make the problem worse.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Western Correspondent Tristan Justice joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his recent reporting in New Mexico on how the Biden administration’s anti-oil and gas policies are causing anxiety in the state.

“There is a dynamic of bipartisan recognition that the Biden administration’s policies to delay, if not outright ban, new leases down the road is possibly going to present a big problem for the state,” Justice said. “The governor has already requested some type of waiver to this potential leasing ban, but environmentalists have already taken over Santa Fe.”

“New Mexico is a blue state now and the people in the industry spoke about how antagonistic that their own state government has already been that there is an exodus of producers going from New Mexico to Texas,” Justice said. 

Overregulation exacerbates the problem and the people who work and live in oil and gas communities, Justice said.

“If the Democrats and progressives just regulate oil to death, the oil is not going to dry up underneath but the money absolutely will, and so will these communities in Southeast New Mexico,” he said. 

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