The Right’s Constant Uphill Battle Against Big Tech

The Right’s Constant Uphill Battle Against Big Tech

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Senior Editor Christopher Bedford interviews Rachel Bovard of the Conservative Partnership Institute about the right’s uphill battle against Big Tech, censorship, shadowbanning, and de-platforming.

“You now, as an individual citizen, you can be harassed, bullied, excommunicated, you can be impoverished by corporate private business, and the government can do that to you as well, but you have recourse under the political Constitution. You have recourse against that government. You don’t have recourse against the kind of corporate tyranny that we are seeing right now,” Bovard explained.

Now, Bovard said, is the time for conservatives to take charge, create opportunities, and push back on Silicon Valley’s grip on the internet infrastructure.


“The left has actually thought a lot more about this stuff than we have, parts of the progressive left, than part of the right has. And for 30 years, we ignored this as a problem and thought ‘this could never happen,’” Bovard added. “We have an aversion to antitrust enforcement, and that is sort of an ideology that’s baked into the Republican Party. We have an aversion to what we call regulation even when some sort of regulatory framework is necessary for a free market to function.”

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