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Ben Domenech: There’s No Unity When You’re Pursuing An Impeachment

Ben Domenech Susan Page

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech called the Democratic pleas for unity a dubious façade Thursday while correcting USA Today’s Susan Page on Amazon.


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech called Democratic pleas for unity a dubious façade Thursday, highlighting the left’s hasty pursuit of impeachment against a president who’s already left office.

“There’s no context for unity on Capitol Hill when you’re about to go through an impeachment,” Domenech said on Fox News’ “Special Report.” “There’s no context when you have a one side in a 50-50 Senate that won’t take eliminating the filibuster off the table.”

Domenech also corrected USA Today D.C. Bureau Chief Susan Page on claims that Amazon gave the Trump administration the same offer granted to President Joe Biden moments after taking office Wednesday to assist in vaccine distribution with its vast nationwide resources.

Page falsely asserted Amazon had given Trump’s White House the same offer of assistance as the did Biden, pledging to “leverage our operations, information technology, and communications capabilities and expertise to assist your administration’s vaccination efforts.”

“Amazon has now said that they did offer it in the Trump administration,” Page wrongly asserted.

No letter similar to Wednesday’s offering substantial assistance in mass vaccination efforts was sent however, according to former White House officials speaking to Fox News. Amazon refused The Federalist’s request for an on-the-record explanation or statement on the subject.

During the program, Domenech also highlighted National Institute of Health Director Dr. Anthony Fauci’s pandemic inconsistency that drove the nation’s kids out the classroom, separating the United States from the rest of the western world in needlessly shuttering schools

“He was a happy man today, wasn’t he?” Page said, emphasizing Fauci’s openness at the White House press briefing Thursday describing his comfort level in the Biden administration compared to Trump’s.

“I’m surprised that you’re surprised that Anthony Fauci is willing to wear his emotions on his sleeve like this,” Domenech said. “I don’t think he’s been exactly a shrinking violet when it comes to talking to the press.”

Domenech continued: “When you go back to what he was saying in the spring regarding keeping public schools closed, I still believed that’s one of the signature moments in this whole process that could have gone in a very different way if you’d had different people in the room,” Domenech said.