Papa John Schnatter Dishes On Pizza And Woke Corporate Culture

Papa John Schnatter Dishes On Pizza And Woke Corporate Culture

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter joins Host Ben Domenech and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to talk about what makes a pizza great, how pizza businesses will recover from harmful COVID-19 restrictions, and how woke corporate culture is a problem.

“When you talk about the independent pizzerias, they really are my heroes,” Schnatter said. “Papa John’s started in the back ofbroom closet, so I love a little guy and I’m a fighter for the independent pizzeria, all the way to the bank.”

“That’s what bothers me about COVID is it’s been really hard on small business in the small business owners,” Schnatter said, expressing hope that many pizzerias will be able to make a financial comeback.

Corporations promoting things like diversity in race, gender, and sexual preference, Schnatter said, can be good if it’s not just for show, but many times diversity of thought is not accommodated by those same companies.

“The problem with corporate boards is they’re very weak,” Schnatter said.

“Collaborative confrontation in the line of question is to make other people better or make society better,” he added. “I think that’s really good and healthy and I think that’s what’s made America, America, and the thought of shutting that down because somebody doesn’t think the way I do or I don’t think the way they do is basically taking away our first amendment rights.”

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