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Poll: Democrat Efforts To Undermine Trust In A Vaccine Are Working

New poll shows the number of Americans who would be willing to get a Covid-19 vaccine immediately is falling rapidly as Democrats cast doubt on its efficacy.


American willingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine is falling after Democrats and their corporate media echo chambers have expressed skepticism of its safety and urged Americans to avoid it if approved.

President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is working to produce a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine that is just weeks short of potential approval for public dissemination. Americans, however, are growing increasingly hesitant about the vaccine.

While 69 percent of the U.S. public said they would get the COVID-19 vaccine “as soon as a vaccine was available” in mid-August, only 58 percent said the same thing in October, according to a new poll released by STAT-Harris.

This trend also shows a growing racial disparity among those who would be willing to be vaccinated as soon as possible. While 70 percent of white Americans said they would get vaccinated immediately in August, only 59 percent would do the same now. And while 65 percent of black Americans said they would get vaccinated immediately in August, only 43 percent would do the same now.

This change, the report explains, “suggests growing concern that the regulatory approval process for a Covid-19 vaccine has been politicized by the Trump administration in the run-up to the presidential election.”

This growing concern, however, did not simply manifest on its own. It can be attributed to mainstream news outlets and Democratic politicians who continue to peddle a narrative claiming that the vaccine’s viability, even if approved by the FDA and CDC, can’t be trusted.

On ABC News Monday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged Americans to be “skeptical” of a vaccine manufactured and approved under the Trump Administration.

“You are going to say to the American people, now, here’s a vaccine, it is new, it was done quickly, but trust this federal administration and their health administration that it’s safe? And we’re not 100% sure of the consequences? I think it’s going to be a very skeptical American public about taking the vaccine and it should be.”

Democratic VP Nominee Kamala Harris, prompted by moderator Susan Page of USA Today, also cast suspicion over a vaccine promoted by Trump during the vice presidential debate saying that she doesn’t trust him enough to get it.

“If the public health professionals, if Dr. Fauci, if the doctors tell us that we should take it, I’ll be the first in line to take it. Absolutely,” Harris said. “If Donald Trump tells us to take it, I’m not taking it.”

Vice President Pence shot back, telling Harris to “stop playing politics with peoples’ lives.”

“The fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine is unconscionable,” Pence quipped.

The New York Times ran a story headlined “Scientists Worry About Political Influence Over Coronavirus Vaccine Project,” claiming the vaccine might be rushed and approved by Trump. The article casts doubt on the efficacy of the vaccine, making claims it is dangerous in an attempt to dissuade Americans from being vaccinated.