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Dean Cain On Why Hollywood Won’t Touch Stories Like ‘Obamagate’

“We didn’t make anything up. There’s nothing fictionalized,” said actor Dean Cain who plays FBI agent Peter Strzok in “Obamagate” the movie.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, actor Dean Cain joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinksy to discuss his role as FBI agent Peter Strzok in the movie, “Obamagate” and the importance of sharing the context behind Strzok and Lisa Page’s role in the Russia collusion hoax and the mishandling of the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation.

“We didn’t make anything up,” Cain explained. “There’s nothing fictionalized. This is just their words and their own words are pretty damning.”

The movie, heavily based on dialogue, is necessary to put Strzok and Page’s arrogance as top FBI agents and their blatant bias against then-presidential candidate Donald Trump on display, Cain explains.

“They have contempt for those below them, which is pretty much everybody else in America. They say it. [Strzok] literally says that about people and voters in the United States… that they are ‘f-ng’ stupid. That’s a quote,” Cain said.

Cain also explains why the film, which exposes the flaws the bureaucracy under President Barack Obama, is being produced outside of Hollywood and popular streaming platforms.

“Truth-telling films that challenge the left’s narrative often end up with little to no funding,” the Obamagate movie website states.

“It’s a nice little insight into what sort of happens in government and how things get swept under the table, which would really appall the regular folks out there,” Cain added.

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