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How ‘The Venture Bros.’ Created Prestige Animation

Voice actor James Urbaniak joins The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how ‘The Venture Bros.’ created a new kind of storytelling in animation.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, voice actor James Urbaniak joins Publisher Ben Domenech and Federalist Intern Paulina Enck to discuss the Adult Swim animated television series, “The Venture Bros.” The group dives into the creativity and popularity behind adult cartoon shows like “The Venture Bros.” and what makes the show and its characters so special.

“From the beginning, ‘The Venture Bros.’ has always had a very classical sort of narrative and I think the fact that it lasted that long and that it expanded, the universe expanded, and the depth of character expanded. And I think that expansion was very exciting. I think opened the door for that new kind of storytelling and animation,” Urbaniak said.

Not only did the show help usher in a new style of animation and TV, but Urabaniak claims it also maintained a form of timeless and “cyclical” storytelling.

“The show really has this sort of cyclical quality, where, in a way, you can almost justify the last season as the final season because it can just keep going,” Urbaniak explained.

While the show was recently canceled after airing for 17 years, Urbaniak says he is looking forward to the new generation of independent content as a result of quarantines in 2020.

“I feel personally energized just trying to use this time when we are all in our homes to create something,” Urbaniak said. “I feel like there’s still an audience for personal or, for lack of a better word, quirky stuff.”

“It’s a big country and there’s a lot of platforms out there, even if it just means putting something on the internet itself,” Urbaniak added. “I think that it will keep perpetuating itself and then eventually people will put things out by themselves.”

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