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Rand Paul Calls Out Democrat Silence On Political Violence After Surviving Attack From Hostile Crowd: ‘This Mob Is Their Voters’

“This is the new Democrat Party, and if we don’t resist this, the United States is going to become Portland,” Paul said.


Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul was swarmed by an angry mob Thursday night as he and his wife walked the two blocks from the White House to their Washington D.C. hotel following President Donald Trump’s speech wrapping up the Republican convention.

The rioters, who shouted Breonna Taylor’s name in vain at the upper chamber Republican that introduced the “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act” barring no-knock warrants, were held off by a diverse group of police keeping the pair safe as they made it to their hotel.

On Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” Friday, Paul complained about the silence coming from the Democratic Party, who have hardly condemned the violent anarchists terrorizing the nation’s cities and now its political leaders.

“I don’t hear Joe Biden or Kamala Harris saying one thing about the violence,” Paul said. “This mob is their voters. This is the new Democrat Party, and if we don’t resist this, the United States is going to become Portland. We’re going to become Chicago.”

Paul continued to warn of a dystopian prophecy to be fulfilled if Democrats come to power in the White House this fall where outbreaks of civil unrest contained to the nation’s major cities spread across the nation, where the entire country burning in the first few weeks following George Floyd’s May death in Minneapolis police custody becomes the norm.

“All of these failed cities the Democrats have run,” Paul said. “The president said in his speech: ‘If we allow them to take over the White House, we are going to become Portland. The country will be on fire.’ We have to have law and order.”

At the Democrats’ own virtual convention last week however, there was no mention of the anarchic chaos gripping inner-city urban centers, among several other major pivotal items the Democratic Party is hoping the American people will forget about come this November.