Wisconsin Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Riots

Wisconsin Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Riots

Wisconsin Democrat Gov. Tony Evers declared a state of emergency Tuesday over the riots burning down businesses, destroying neighborhoods, and terrorizing communities in Kenosha and Madison.

After outlining recent events that protesters say justified taking to the streets this summer, such as George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody and Jacob Blake’s shooting by police in Kenosha, Evers celebrated Wisconsin protestors for having “taken a stand” against “systemic injustices,” before condemning the riots.

“Unfortunately, some individuals have deviated from peaceful protests and engaged in unlawful, harmful, and dangerous activities, including arson, which has endangered the lives of other protestors and bystanders, which cannot be tolerated,” said Evers.

The declaration follows Evers’s call on Monday to reconvene the state legislature for a special session to address “equity and justice” while his state burns in the aftermath of Blake’s Sunday shooting.

One Kenosha man explained watching a 70-year-old man suffer a broken jaw after putting out fires while trying to save his business when he was ambushed by the mob destroying his life’s work.

The Kenosha riots erupt as Portland saw its 89th night of rioting Monday, where the anarchic militants never stopped their assaults on people, police, and public and private property since Floyd’s death in late May.

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