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Divisive Insurrectionists Have Brought The Nation To The Brink Of Chaos

National Guard in DC

Are we at war? Did we pass that invisible line beyond which the country cannot hold? After everything the Democrats and the media have put us through since the election of Donald Trump, is it even possible to imagine peaceful reconciliation and common national purpose?

For a majority of Americans, the answers to those three questions are as obvious as they are dispiriting. That so many believe the country has fallen, is falling, or will be falling soon is a terrifying reality. An America that destroys itself will be like nothing the world has seen. If our institutions fall, if indiscriminate violence becomes the norm, if the economy crashes, we will condemn ourselves to not years, but decades of poverty and chaos.

For far too many on the left, chaos is the point. Destruction is the goal. They prefer the unknown madness that lies ahead to whatever is still managing to (barely) hold us together in the present.

Constitutional republicans often look at what the left unleashes and see no point in pretending that we are a nation at peace. Some would rather we finally end this lingering “cold civil war” and get down to the dirty business of fighting for America’s future.

Why doesn’t this prospect terrify every politician in the American government? Why do they work so hard to exacerbate the conflict when their offices and positions of power will be the first casualties of any actual war that tears this country apart? Are they all so blind to believe that they can lead a country to victory by destroying it?

How do we avoid a war that will end America when mayors, governors, congressmen, judges, journalists, and bureaucrats are all actively conspiring to drag us into the blaze?

On May 25, a black man died in police custody. We saw images of a police officer’s knee on the back of this man’s neck. Immediately, Americans—almost to a person—said, “This is wrong.”

There is no great divide on the moral question of what happened to George Floyd. There is no disagreement between the defenders of law and order and the defenders of civil liberty. In this case, law and order and civil liberty require the same response. All Americans should have been able to unite in condemning this injustice.

What happened instead? Radical leftists transformed a moment of national agreement into one of divisive conflict.

Americans united in their sense of what is just have no reason to destroy each other. Unity and agreement lead to peace. Uncorralled passion and grievance, however, can turn violence into a political opportunity.

The looting and riots and fires in blue cities across the country today reaffirm that it is not “justice” but “war” that today’s radicals have in mind. From a moment that brought all Americans together in their sense of right and wrong, politicians and groups bent on destabilizing the nation chose division…and got their way.

After nights of murder and loss, President Trump walked to a firebombed church with a Bible in hand. There was a moment to de-escalate. There was an opportunity to choose calm. There was a chance for reconciliation. Instead, CNN accused the president of hurting “peaceful protesters” for a photo op. Some of the highest-ranking Democrats in the country call him a fascist, a bigot, and a murderer.

When every act of peace is treated like war, and every act of war is treated like justice, how do Democrats expect to preserve a future America for them to lead?

If Democrats believe that creation can only come from wanton destruction, how can we ever trust them to choose peace when they have an opportunity to destroy?

Breaking store windows, setting buildings on fire, vandalizing monuments to American heroes, leaving graffiti threats on synagogue walls, attacking Christian churches and tombstones, terrorizing the living, and giving no peace to the dead— these are the great accomplishments of Antifa and those they egg on. They have given America her own “Kristallnacht” and still fail to see the sad irony. Or maybe they understand it completely. Maybe it’s only sad to those with their eyes and ears open because the press so easily missed the joke.

Most Americans had no idea that leftists thought setting the nation on fire was akin to the Boston Tea Party. Though most Americans who’ve been paying attention never really understood how Democrats could so easily join hands with Iran’s Ayatollah, the Chinese Communist Party, dangerous drug cartels on our southern border, and international corporations that have strengthened China at the expense of the American worker. How can Democrats be friends with so many of our enemies and pretend—with a straight face—that they are still our friends as well?

If America is to survive, something new must take hold right now. The current political parties and officeholders and corporate-owned media are not up to the task.

Politicians who cheer on destruction should be behind bars, not before microphones.

Those who directly or indirectly fund mayhem and destruction should be in courtrooms defending their actions, not hiding on palatial estates while applauding the carnage.

Social media giants who act as authoritarian state censors should not be afforded extra-constitutional protections while they work to undermine the rights of everyone else.

If we will unite together once more, America may well recover. If we do not, it’s future survival could be in danger. We must stand up to the insurrectionists all around us—and we must do so today, lest it becomes that much harder to do so tomorrow.

Tolerance for criminality and political sabotage has led us to the edge of a dangerous cliff. We will either dig our heels into the ground and push back or we risk falling into the murky depths below.