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Podcast: Jim DeMint And Rachel Bovard On Impeachment, Conservatism, And Fixing Congress

Ben Domenech interviews Senator Jim DeMint and CPI Policy Director Rachel Bovard on The Federalist Radio Hour.


Former Senator Jim DeMint and Rachel Bovard, senior partner and policy director of the Conservative Partnership Institute, are co-authors of a new book, “Conservative: Knowing What to Keep.” On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Host Ben Domenech interviews the authors about ongoing impeachment hearings, identity politics, race issues, and how conservatives need to rethink economic policy in response to socialism.

“Conservatism is a worldview, it’s a philosophy. It’s not a set of reflexive policy positions. That’s what the Left gives us. The Left gives us ideology and dogma and doctrine,” Bovard said. “Conservatism relies on accumulated wisdom.”