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Kim Kardashian Praises White House, Offers Ridesharing For Former Inmates

Passing the First Step Act wasn’t about partisanship or ideology for Kim Kardashian. She had one goal in mind: pass criminal justice reform.


Kim Kardashian West has an important lesson to teach Americans: how to get along with people with whom you don’t always agree.

Just over a year ago, Kardashian West spoke with President Donald Trump advisors Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. She initially went to the White House in May 2018 to plead her case of criminal justice reform in hopes of granting clemency to Alice Johnson. Johnson was in prison for leading a cocaine drug ring and money laundering.

From there, the Trump administration, numerous organizations, and the support of Kardashian West resulted in Congress passing the First Step Act. The New York Times called the First Step Act “the most significant changes to the criminal justice system in a generation.”

On June 14, Kardashian West delivered remarks at the White House to praise the new law and announce a ride-share partnership for former convicts as they return home. Kardashian West announced that she is partnering with Lyft to provide ride share credits to formerly incarcerated people so they can get to and from job interviews and hopefully their future jobs.

“These people want to work,” Kardashian West said.

In her speech, Kardashian West praises the hard work of Ivanka Trump and Kushner, who she says fought to get her where she is now. Not only did Kardashian Wet actually praise the conservative administration, she openly thanked the president for helping her find her passion for law.

Kardashian West is now doing a four-year law apprenticeship under lawyers Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson of #cut50.

I don’t think many would consider Kardashian West a conservative. Her husband, Kanye West, has been an outward supporter of free speech and took a trip to the White House to meet with President Trump while sporting a MAGA hat. Yet Kardashian West was not a proponent of Trump’s. She was supportive of her husband, but never outwardly supportive of the president.

However, she decided not to focus on partisanship or ideology. Kardashian West had one goal in mind: pass criminal justice reform. Whether or not Kardashian West despises Trump as an individual thus became irrelevant. Regardless of her political views, she worked with the administration to get the job done, and she succeeded.

In this aspect of her life, Kardashian West modeled the selflessness it takes to pass legislation that promotes the common good.