The Dying Days Of A Small Town Appalachia Honky-Tonk

The Dying Days Of A Small Town Appalachia Honky-Tonk


John Lingan is the author of the new book, “Homeplace: A Southern Town, a Country Legend, and the Last Days of a Mountaintop Honky-Tonk.” Lingan has searched out the stories and legends of one small town, Winchester, Virginia. On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Ben Domenech and Lingan untangle the themes of his book: country music, local celebrity, and a dying Appalachia community.

“When I went up there, it was not with a purpose in mind,” Lingan said. “It’s definitely a book about Jim McCoy, a book about music, but I really did want to expand and show how the town and the people in the town interact with one another over time.”

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Madeline Osburn is a staff editor at the Federalist and the producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Follow her on Twitter.
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