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Transgenderism Is Just Big Business Dressed Up In Pretend Civil Rights Clothes


It’s hard to imagine a civil rights movement so indelibly tied to the capitalist marketplace that it could be used to sell fashion, makeup, hormones, surgery, cosmetology services, movies, TV series, mental health treatment, and women’s underwear, while concurrently being invested in by billionaire philanthropists, the technology and pharmaceutical industries, major corporations, and banks.

Imagine marketing a suffragette diet of fasting, or makeup so perfect it could cover a welt from police brutality? Imagine Google and Wells Fargo investing millions of dollars to eliminate the prison industrial complex?

Transgenderism, a purported civil rights movement, now intersects at every juncture of the global marketplace. It is hard to remember it came out of the medical industrial complex as a term for the most intense body dysphoria. Children are being prescribed puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, sterilized, and groomed into lifelong medical patients and consumers in more than 50 U.S. gender clinics that weren’t here ten years ago. It’s all because of transgenderism and that people fighting to live free of discrimination are hailed as heroes and celebrities for feeling alienated from their own biology.

What are we to make of this cultural storm that has transgenderism positioned as a social justice movement, a medical condition with ties to Hollywood as strong as those to the medical industrial complex, and to our political structure driving its ideology through all our institutions? The media keeps presenting us on the one hand with a trans civil rights movement for the oppressed and, on the other, with a cutting-edge (pun intended) lifestyle.

Transgender Celebrity, Fashion, and Markets

Transgenderism is looking more and more like Transgenderism™, when we look at the markets opening and its insidious presence in Hollywood. Whoopi Goldberg has started her own trans modeling company on Oprah’s Oxygen network, with trans models reported as the future of modeling. Supernatural Extraterrestrial and Co, a high-fashion clothing line, promotes their willingness to embrace a future of male pregnancy. A look at their new clothing line for 2019 has men strutting fashion runways in pregnancy prosthesis.

Trans celebrities are on constant display in the media, being celebrated as if having body dysphoria were a badge of honor. Cosmopolitan magazine offered a breast-binding guide for young women in 2016. Cosmetology consultant services are a growing business offering help to “trans women.” Crayola has created a new gender-fluid make-up, and Jecca has started a line just for “transgender” people.

Artists are photographing young “trans” children, and almost every new TV series has at least a nod to transgenderism. Jazz Jennings, a male teen who recently had his penis surgically removed, identifies as a transgender woman and has been on many major talk-shows since his family decided he was transgender at the age of four.

Jennings has his own reality TV series, chronicling his transition and how it is affecting him and his family. He also has his own trans foundation and has received many awards and accolades. A children’s storybook about his life, which normalizes for young school children the idea that they can become the opposite sex, has been adopted as part of some school curriculums.

TomBoyX is a woman’s undergarment company. It uses the term “tomboy” in its company name to denote a girl who enjoys so-called stereotypical boy activities like running and climbing trees to sell boxer shorts and comfortable underwear to women. Their message is of empowerment, not being hemmed in by feminine attire, but able to run and feel free “like a boy,” by donning clothes like his, but made for a woman’s body. In a recent ad they chose an attractive young woman with double mastectomy scars donning their boxers under a caption that reads: “This canvas was given to you but you made it your own. You crafted your own story. Share it with the world. #moretome.”

This message is a clear glorification of chosen body disfigurement posing as self-actualization and liberation, sickness as wellness, self-hatred made into empowerment, and cutting and maiming female flesh for public consumption via uber-marketing. George Orwell must be turning over in his grave with the language of doublespeak as prime-time advertisement.

A Civil Rights Movement or an Ad Campaign?

It is not just the pharmaceutical giants, the IT industry, fashion houses, Hollywood, and artists melding themselves to everything trans. Banks and investment houses are sending millions of dollars to transgender organizations all over the globe.

Men at the highest echelons of society—such as billionaire philanthropist Jennifer Pritzker and the creator of SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Martine Rothblatt—are claiming not just a transgender identity, but for Rothblatt, that of a transhumanist as well. Rothblatt believes “transgenderism is the onramp to transhumanism,” the precursor to superhumans.

If you look at the way transgenderism presents in the marketplace, it seems very much like an ad campaign for changing human biology toward making better, “liberated,” “self-generated” individuals, while being tied to the medical industrial complex. Rothblatt’s book, “From Transgender to Transhumanism,” reads like a blueprint for the modern-day trans project to infiltrate every sector of our societies. If that sounds preposterous, scientists are already looking at changing our biology as a way to deal with climate change.

This is happening at a time in our history when the escalation of robots and artificial intelligence are also surging in the marketplace with female-simulated robot sex dolls that are frighteningly close in texture and appearance to real humans acting as stand-in prostitutes in brothels, and for some men, stand-in women in relationships. Robot nannies that supposedly offer guidance and friendship for children while their parents are away, are being marketed by Mattel and other corporations as “the future of raising children.”

At Goldsmiths University in the United Kingdom, an annual conference, Love and Sex with Robots, holds sessions on humanoid robots and robot emotions and personalities, in a range of approaches from the psychological to the sociological and the philosophical. Robot experts project we will be marrying robots by 2050. A quick perusal of YouTube under “robots and humans” will yield in the neighborhood of five million videos.

So while transgenderism removes us from our very biology, we spend more and more time online and engaged in technology than with most of the people we know. For many, sexuality is becoming more and more unmoored from actual intimacy through hook-up culture, porn, and now the advent of robotic sex dolls. We are also being groomed for greater relationships to robots, surveillance, and artificial intelligence.

Rothblatt joined Whoopi on “The View” in 2016 to discuss transhumanism and exhibit a robot made in the likeness of his wife, Bina. Bina, he insists, will live indefinitely when he figures out how to download her personality into cyberspace.

Although transgenderism is positioned under the LGB civil rights banner, it appears to have a much closer relationship to commerce and global powerbrokers who have a penchant for technological megalomania. There is plenty of money flowing to transgender organizations, but even more going to normalizing transgender ideology in the culture, in language, through media, marketing, and commerce, and by billionaires’ philanthropic funding of nonprofits and other institutions.

One has to wonder if the LGB civil rights banner has not just been strategic positioning for transgenderism to claim civil rights, currying popular sympathies already well cultivated for the LGB community, as a pretext to insert itself into the global marketplace, our schools, universities, courts, and medical establishments for more nefarious purposes.

Is Anyone Clear About the Trans Lobby’s Goals?

Whether transgenderism is presented as intense body dysphoria, sexual-fetishization, social contagion, a civil rights movement, or cultural gender-bending that speaks the language of the progressive left while actually cementing gender stereotyping, being hyper-capitalistic and censorious, as a project it seems poised to normalize human biology-shifting through chemicals and surgery.

Far from a grassroots movement born from oppression, it is generated by the highest echelons of society and attempts to linguistically obfuscate its aim of creating an abstraction out of biological reality. Transgenderism seeks to dissociate people from their very bodies, and frames it as self-actualization. The trans lobby is fighting hard to change sex on birth certificates. Only a few states don’t allow people to change their sex on their birth certificates.

We need to look at what transgenderism does, how it functions, and how it is growing in the culture, and to ask why it does what it does, what it is asking of us, why it is so tightly wedded to commerce, and where it is leading. The trans lobby screams civil rights, but transgenderism looks and functions just like the worst of capitalism.