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Deadly Shooting Reported At Capital Gazette Newsroom In Maryland

Crime reporter Phil Davis tweeted about the attack: ‘A single shooter shot multiple people at my office, some of whom are dead.’


Multiple people are reported dead or injured from a mass shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper office in Maryland. The shooting took place right before noon on Thursday.

Anne County Sheriff Ron Bateman stated that there were multiple fatalities. Police confirmed that there was an active shooter late Thursday afternoon. The identity of the shooter and his motivations are not yet known.

The newspaper reportedly had an active shooting drill yesterday.

Crime reporter Phil Davis tweeted about the attack while he waited to be interviewed by the police. According to him, there was only a single shooter.

The gunman shot his way into the building before opening fire on the newspaper staff.

Davis hid under his desk throughout the attack but could hear the shooter reloading and continuing fire on the newsroom.

During the shooting, intern Anthony Messenger tweeted a plea for help.

(This is a developing story.)