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Podcast: Recapping A Year Of Trump And Politics With Robert Draper

New York Times Magazine Reporter Robert Draper joins Federalist Radio to discuss the tax bill, the future of the Democratic party, and key lessons of 2017.


Robert Draper is an author and writer at New York Times Magazine and National Geographic. Draper joins The Federalist Radio to review how this year in politics went for Republicans, Democrats, and our new President.

They explore changes in the staff around Trump, the Mueller investigation, the legislative successes and failures, and the Democratic game plan in 2018.

“If there is one thing we have learned about Trump in the way that he jabs people, it’s the ones who don’t let it get under their skin seem to be the ones who seem to be the most effective in guiding him or directing him in some way,” Domenech said.

Listen to the full episode here: