U.S. Senate Passes Republican Tax Reform Bill

U.S. Senate Passes Republican Tax Reform Bill

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the U.S. Senate narrowly passed a tax reform bill with a vote of 51-49. The dramatic passage took place after days of last-minute modifications behind closed doors to sway several Republican holdouts.

On Tuesday, Democratic leaders — Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer — refused to show up to a meeting with President Trump and congressional Republicans to hammer out a tax plan that satisfied both parties. They cited Trump’s tweets that he didn’t think a deal could be made as the reason for their absence.

Not a single Democrat voted in favor of the tax plan. Sen. Bob Corker, who recently announced he would not seek re-election, was the only Republican to vote against the tax reform bill. Commentators on the left said the bill was “akin to rape” and suggested that Republican policy ideas will end America.

Before the bill reaches President Trump’s desk to be signed into law, it must first be reconciled with the House of Representatives’ version of the tax reform plan, which was passed in November.

Bre Payton was a staff writer at The Federalist.
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