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Podcast: David Rennie Explains Globalism, Protectionism, And Macron

Washington Bureau Chief of The Economist, David Rennie, gives a foreign and domestic perspective on globalism on the Federalist Radio Hour.


David Rennie, Washington Bureau Chief of The Economist, joins this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour. Rennie provides a broader look at global economic trends and the rising anger from communities who feel like they’ve been left behind.

“I think a lot of voters in a lot of rich Western countries want to be protected against competition that they feel is unfair or unbearable,” Rennie asaid.

Rennie shared stories from talking to conservatives on the campaign trail. “My hunch is that an awful lot of grassroots conservatives, what they hate is not really government. What they hate is redistribution, and what they really hate is free stuff for the feckless poor on their dime,” Rennie said.

How does France’s election of Macron, and Macron’s analysis of what’s happening in politics compares to Trump’s? “What Macron’s bet is, is that you can make people trust you enough that you’re going to protect them from that competition, but that you can’t make it go away.”

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