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Breaking News Alert Ex-Border Patrol Chief Says Biden, Harris Never Once Called Him

Afghanistan, Trump In Arizona, And Senate Leadership With James Hohmann

Washington Post reporter, James Hohmann, gives in-depth analysis of recent moves made by both Trump and Congress on this episode of Federalist Radio.


Joining this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour is James Hohmann, national political reporter for The Washington Post and author of the Daily 202. Hohmann and Domenech break down this week’s news coming out of The White House and Trump’s rally in Arizona.

Will Trump’s supporters waver at all in light of Trump changing his position on foreign policy and troops in Afghanistan? “If people have stuck with him this far through thick and thin, they’re going to buy his explanation,” Hohmann said. “[Trump] said all the right the things, where if you were a supporter you would hear the things that you care about.”

Frustrations with Mitch McConnell escalate in the Senate. Domenech and Hohmann discuss some of his major miscalculations. “Frankly, no one is more important to getting Trump’s agenda through on Capitol Hill than McConnell.”

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