Joe Biden To Electoral College Truthers: ‘It’s Over’

Joe Biden To Electoral College Truthers: ‘It’s Over’

Vice President Joe Biden shut down dissent from a Democratic congresswoman Friday afternoon when she attempted to invalidate electoral votes cast for Donald Trump.

“It is over,” Biden said, just before certifying Trump’s win.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), who was seated just behind Biden, can be seen laughing at the vice president’s remark.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington), who was sworn into office this week, tried to file a procedural objection to discount the 16 electoral votes from Georgia, citing long lines outside of the voting centers on Election Day.

Jayapal conceded that her objection had not been signed by a senator, a requirement for the objection to move forward. The Democratic congresswoman was one of a handful of legislators who protested votes cast for the president-elect during a joint-session of Congress certifying the Electoral College results, reports.

“There’s no debate,” Biden said. “If the objection is not signed by a senator, it cannot be entertained.”

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