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Hoax Hate Crimes, Terrorism, And How Trump Can Work With American Muslims

Siraj Hashmi joins Federalist Radio to share perspectives on Donald Trump, foreign policy, and terrorism from American Muslims.


Siraj Hashmi, assistant editor at Red Alert politics, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to share perspectives on Donald Trump and foreign policy from American Muslims. Hashmi and Domenech discuss recent terrorist attacks, fake hate crimes on social media, and the radicalization of Islam.

YouTube Star Adam Saleh posted a video Wednesday morning of him apparently being removed from an airplane for speaking Arabic. “If it came from literally any other person who is not know for prank videos and hoaxes, you would have taken that video at face value and not thought twice about the authenticity of it.” Hashmi said.

Hashmi said he believes one of Donald Trump’s best allies in fighting terrorism could be American Muslims. “If Trump really extended an olive branch to American-Muslims to at least incorporated them, he will get a greater understanding of the Islamic faith,” he said. “Rather than saying ‘Islam hates us,’ [Trump] will say, ‘terrorists hate us’ and that’s the difference.”

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