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Bre Payton: Mitt Romney And Ted Cruz Are Sucking Up To Donald Trump


‘Ted Cruz has made such a fool of himself. . . He’s already exposed himself to be a big fat phony, I don’t really see a downside in continuing to suck up to Donald Trump at this point.’


Federalist staff writer Bre Payton joined Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto on Thursday to discuss Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney’s recent decisions to suck up to Donald Trump for political gain.

With the promise of a potential appointment as secretary of State, Romney has reversed many of his criticisms of the president-elect, saying recently that he thinks Trump will lead America to a better future. These effusive words are a stark contrast from Romney’s criticisms of Trump all throughout the election cycle.

Payton said Trump’s decision to not immediately give positions to Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani, who have supported him all along, is strategic because they are no longer useful to Trump.

“What is useful is getting Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz to suck up to him and very publicly apologize and reverse their positions and embarrass themselves, which is exactly what they’re doing,” she said.

Texas senator Cruz, who also waged a very loud opposition to Trump during the primary, has now said he’s “eager” to work for the president-elect.

Throughout the primary cycle, Cruz tried to make his opposition to Trump seem like a principled stance, Payton said.

“As soon as it became politically expedient for him to endorse Donald Trump he very quickly reversed his position,” she said. “So now we know that Donald Trump seems to be doing this again — dangling this Supreme Court position in front of him in an attempt to bend him to his will.”

“Everyone has a price,” Payton said. “For Ted Cruz I guess that price is a position on the Supreme Court.”