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Podcast: Continued Post-Election Outrage And Feminist Freak-outs

Gracy Olmstead and Mary Katharine Ham break down this week’s news and outrages on The Federalist Radio Hour.


Gracy Olmstead, associate managing editor, and Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer, host today’s Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the continued post-election hysteria from celebrities, the media, and all of our Facebook friends. They also talk about feminism, Ina Garten, and the new Netflix series, “The Crown.”

This week, the media continues to criticize the Trump transition team and react to every name suggested for his cabinet. “If you freak out about everything, no one believes you that this is important,” Ham said. “That was the recipe for disaster for Democrats and for triumph for Trump the whole way through.”

Between critiques of Ina Garten’s cooking and Hillary Clinton’s famous line about deciding to not stay home and bake cookies, women are sick of being told what should or shouldn’t make them happy.

“The feminists of the world tell women, ‘If you want to bake cookies, you are not fulfilling your greatest potential,’ and yet so many women actually do enjoy baking cookies,” Olmstead said. “And why shouldn’t they?”

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