Pullmann: Get The Government Out Of Higher Education

Pullmann: Get The Government Out Of Higher Education

College tuition has increased by 400 percent over the last 40 years directly because of federal education subsidies, so Hillary Clinton’s plans for debt-free college will only further inflate that college bubble, said Joy Pullmann on John Stossel’s Fox Business Network show Friday.

“If we want to reduce college costs, what we should do is get the federal government out of the college game,” said Pullmann, The Federalist’s managing editor and a Heartland Institute education fellow.

When is comes to K-12 education, which is desperately in need of reform, Pullmann said Democrats have run out of ideas, which is why Clinton is focusing on preschool and higher education instead.

“Hillary Clinton has never seen a problem that she doesn’t think other people’s money and more paperwork won’t solve,” Pullmann said during a show dedicated to discussing both campaigns’ economic proposals. Watch the full segment here:

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