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Hillary’s Health, Rick Perry’s Dancing, and the Trump Foundation

Rebecca Berg of RealClearPolitics joins Mary Katharine Ham on today’s Federalist Radio Hour.


Rebecca Berg, national political reporter for RealClearPolitics, and Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer at The Federalist, recap the dramatic season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars”, Hillary Clinton’s interview with Anderson Cooper on her health, and the latest news on the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

The list of this season’s “Dancing with the Stars” contestants include Gov. Rick Perry, Ryan Lochte, and Calvin Johnson Jr. “There are people who cared enough that Ryan Lochte exaggerated his story from Brazil, that they are willing to storm the stage at ‘Dancing with the Stars,'” Ham said. “What’s even more interesting to me are their anti-Lochte t-shirts.”

On CNN last night, Anderson Cooper asked Hillary Clinton whether her campaign’s handling of her apparent fainting confirms voters’ suspicions about her transparency.  “Can you believe she would say, ‘I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal,’ after everything we’ve seen with the Clintons and their intense need for privacy backfiring on them time and again on this campaign?” Berg said. “Of course it would be a big deal. You’re running for president and there are all these conspiracy theories out there about your health.”

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