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Molly Ball on Primary Races and Trump Backing Off Deportation

Today on The Federalist Radio Hour, Molly Ball of The Atlantic talks this week’s political headlines with Mary Katharine Ham.


Molly Ball, politics writer at The Atlantic, joined Mary Katharine Ham on Federalist Radio to recap Tuesday night’s primary results, talk news of more deleted Hillary Clinton emails, Trump’s flip-flopping on immigration.

Last night’s biggest races to watch included John McCain’s in Arizona and Marco Rubio’s in Florida. “This is the beginning, make no mistake, of Marco Rubio’s presidential positioning for a future presidential run. He’s not really even trying to hide it,” Ball said.

Despite huge gafs by Hillary Clinton every few weeks it seems, such as the emails related to Benghazi just released, Trump doesn’t attack her as much as he could. “The reason the polls are narrowing is because Hillary is sinking a little bit and I would give props to the media for this because we don’t just chase whatever Trump has decided is a story,” Ball said.

Later in the hour, they swapped back-to-school stories as summer comes to a close. “My first lunch box, which I’ve always been sort of proud of, was tin not plastic, and it was Gremlins,” Ham said.

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