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Breaking News Alert Dobbs Isn't The End. It's The Beginning Of A Ballot Measure Battle To Save Preborn Lives In Every State

The Anti-Trump Media, National Security, And Abortion In Bojack Horseman

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi debate voting for Trump or Hillary on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.


David Harsanyi and Mollie Hemingway, senior editors at The Federalist, discussed the media class frenzy of anti-Trump hate and the frustration with craven Republican politicians who now openly talk about finding a new candidate. They debated whether Trump or Clinton would have the more dangerous foreign policy and a recent episode of the Netflix show Bojack Horseman that is centered around abortion.

“There is nothing different about what Donald Trump is doing this moment than what he has been doing for the last year. [Republican politicians] knew exactly what they were doing when they got in bed him,” Hemingway said. “They knew exactly what they were doing when they brutally crushed perhaps the only path to keeping Donald Trump from getting the nomination.”

On foreign policy, Hemingway said humans are reluctant to go to war, but that if they do go to war they want to secure victory rather than nation building. “I think that is a real thing that Donald Trump has tapped into and the Republican party in Washington, D.C. would like nothing more than to avoid talking about it.”

Listen now: