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Comparing Conventions, Clinton’s Acceptance Speech, And Third Party Candidates

Peter Suderman joins Mary Katharine Ham on today’s Federalist Radio Hour.


Peter Suderman, managing editor at Reason Magazine, joined Mary Katharine Ham in the studio to discuss the disappointment of Trump’s lackluster RNC, the “historical” nomination of Hillary Clinton, the potential for Gary Johnson, and much anticipated Star Trek movie of the summer.

Despite Donald Trump’s promise for a glamorous, celebrity-filled RNC, he is now trying to distance himself from the claim of convention planning as it pales in comparison to this week’s DNC. “It is the party’s job to build this picture,” Ham said. “Donald Trump, many of the things that he’s supposed to be good at and that are in fact the rational for his candidacy… were not on display during that week.”

An inspiring orator has never been one of Hillary Clinton’s characteristics. “I think what Clinton did was simply say, ‘Look, you may not love me, but I’m the normal candidate,'” Suderman said. “That’s her argument… It was in many ways a conservative appeal in temperament.”

Later in the hour, Suderman and Ham discuss the potential for a third-party candidate and the future of the libertarian party. “If you look at where the young people on the Right are at, they essentially look like libertarians even if they don’t call themselves that,” he said.

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