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Breaking News Alert How A Republican Congress Can Protect Health-Care Workers From The Biggest Federal Erasure Of Their Conscience Rights Ever

How Democrats And Their Nominee Can Overcome Division At The DNC

Steven Dennis, Bloomberg reporter, compares Republican and Democratic conventions on Federalist Radio.


Steven Dennis, Bloomberg reporter, joined Federalist Radio to discuss the first day of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia and the challenges that Hillary Clinton will face this week and heading into the general election.

Bernie Sanders supporters spent the first day in Philadelphia spreading angst and frustration, disrupting many speakers throughout the day. “Whenever Hillary Clinton’s name was mentioned, or Tim Kaine’s name was mentioned, there would be another chorus of boos from this contingent, which admittedly is definitley a minority of the people in that convention,” Dennis said.

Later in the hour, they discussed how politics and media have transformed over the last 20 years, and they recounted how Tim Kaine’s career as a politician evolved. “If you want to run as a Democrat these days you must be for gay marriage,” Dennis said. “Abortion, gun rights and gay rights are probably the three issues…where the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have really sorted themselves into different camps.”

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