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Hillary Claims She Did Nothing Wrong, But This Money Trail Says Otherwise

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The Clintons are allegedly paying hundreds of thousands in legal fees for the staffer who helped set up Hillary Clinton’s secret, off-books e-mail domain.


Time and time again, Hillary Clinton has claimed innocence regarding her decision to use a private, unsecured, unsanctioned email server to avoid public scrutiny of her affairs during her tenure as Secretary of State, but a source with knowledge of the matter says the Clintons are mixed up in a complicated money trail that says otherwise.

The Clintons are allegedly paying “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in legal fees for the family aide who registered the domain name for the private email server Hillary Clinton used, Monica Crowley of the Washington Times reports.

When registering Hillary Clinton’s email domain (, Jonathan Cooper, whose legal bills the Clintons are allegedly paying out of their own pockets, also registered the email domain used by top-level employees of the Clinton Foundation (

Cooper also is a top fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation and a senior advisor to Teneo — a secretive and controversial company that has enriched numerous former Clinton aides.

Many suspect that Teneo may have doubled as part of a larger laundering scheme to hide the dealings between companies and individuals paying the Clintons for political access while Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary.

In addition to investigating whether Hillary violated federal law by using a private email server during her time at the State Department, the FBI is also probing Hillary Clinton and her husband on suspicions of public corruption.

The FBI is reportedly investigating whether the Clintons provided government access and official favors in exchange for cash contributions to a tax-exempt organization run by the Clintons.