Meet The Millennial Running For Congress: Grant Starrett

Meet The Millennial Running For Congress: Grant Starrett

Grant Starrett is running for Congress in Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District, and if elected would be the youngest sitting member. Starrett joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the challenges of running against a Republican incumbent, the difficulties of navigating an atomized American culture, and the issues the Republicans party needs to address in order to represent the now largest generation: millennials.

Starrett discussed the ways in which he would disrupt the higher education system, at both the federal and state level. “We should be asking, ‘Does our public education system reflect not only our state values, but our state needs from an economic perspective?”

Part of Donald Trump’s ability to resonate with Americans come from speaking out against political correctness and it’s something other conservative leaders may do well to learn from, especially on controversial topics like Black Lives Matter.

“We should be waging an all out war for the working class in this country and we’re not doing it,” Starrett said. “We should be playing offense instead of huddling in a corner and saying, ‘I want to talk about tax cuts.’”

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