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Mary Katharine Ham on Rubio, SCOTUS Nominee, and The Bachelor

Mary Katharine Ham explains why it hurt Mario Rubio to be the candidate who is a combination of all things.


Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer at The Federalist and contributor at CNN, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to recap news from this week including the suspension of Marco Rubio’s campaign, Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, and the season finale of “The Bachelor.”

Marco Rubio entered the 2016 race as the favorite for so many political commentators and on paper, he looked like someone who could bring factions together. “Being the combination of all things, although it would work theoretically, actually worked against him in a split race,” Ham said. “If you want the most populist candidate you vote Trump, if you want the most conservative candidate you vote Cruz, and if you want the most moderate dude you vote Kasich,” Ham said.

The Republican Senate has been adamant that they are not even going to consider a SCOTUS nominee until after the election, and yet there is some push from moderate Republicans to settle for Merrick Garland. “From the very beginning Republicans have been saying this is not about the person, it’s about the principle and were going to stand on it,” Ham said. “They also have at their disposal the arguments of Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden.”

Finally, they wrapped up this season of “The Bachelor” and discussed whether Ben Higgins can be the nice guy this season portrayed him as, if he told two different women that he loved them.

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