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Ike Brannon Says There’s A Lesson Behind the Chinese Market Meltdown

Robert Tracinski host economist Ike Brannon to discuss the Asian Market Meltdown.


Economist Ike Brannon diagnoses the diseased command economies of China and Greece on today’s episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

The Bush Institute fellow joins guest host Robert Tracinski to make sense of the crashing Chinese stock market and the debt crisis burgeoning Greece.

According to Brannon, Beijing is now learning the hard way that “state run capitalism is not a permanent solution.” Looking west, he observes that Greece seems to be employing a “game theory strategy” to grapple with EU creditors and dodge that nation’s debt.

Later in the program, Barbara Bowman shares her experience confronting Bill Cosby. Speaking truth to celebrity, the PAVE ambassador refused to remain silent. Hear her story.

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