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Bill Gertz Says National Defense Is Woefully Inadequate

Matthew Continetti guest hosts for Ben and leads a robust discussion with an All-Star cast.


On a special edition of the Federalist Radio Hour, Matthew Continetti guest hosts for Ben. The Editor of the Washington Free Beacon leads an All Star Cast in a robust discussion of foreign policy, culture, and both party’s race for the White House.

In the wake of a computer blackout on Wall Street, Bill Gertz examines American defenses in the grid. The Free Beacon journalists reports that the nation remains woefully unprepared to defend against cyber attacks or to respond to ISIL aggression on the ground.

Together Andrew Stiles and John McCormack offer a one-two punch on 2016. From the Free Beacon and the Weekly Standard, the newsmen explain what to expect from the Left and the Right during the coming presidential election.

Finally, Sonny Bunch and Eli Lake offer piercing insights into the sorry state of American culture and its reliance on nostalgia rather than creativity.

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