Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry the nom de plume of an attorney practicing in the State of Illinois. He is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist.
Data Shows Democrats’ Increasingly Rabid Leftism Is Driven By White People

Progressives of pallor get quite a bit out of not only promoting radicals of color, but also attacking their critics as racist.

Ilhan Omar Criticizes Cold War Policy To Distract From Socialism’s Atrocities In Venezuela

Apparently, Rep. Ilhan Omar tolerates large-scale abuses when they are committed by a far-left thug propped up by Russia, China, and Cuba.

All Ralph Northam Needs To Weather Racism Controversy Is The Approval Of Woke Whites

All he needs to do is pretend to care about their social justice reading list. Northam just needs to curry political favor, not legitimately change.

Revisiting ‘Be A Clown’ From ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

The Joker turns assassin in an episode about fathers and sons — real, imagined, and lost.

Revisiting ‘The Forgotten’ From ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

In a flawed episode, Batman does not arrive until the final act. The wait is worth it, even if parts of the plot are hackneyed and overdone.

Ralph Northam And Kathy Tran Revealed The Future Of Abortion Politics

The revelation that abortion rights activists have geared up to push radical legislation in as many as 25 states throws a spotlight on the misleading media coverage of the issue.

Revisiting ‘Batman, The Animated Series’: ‘P.O.V.’

Officer Renee Montoya, a character created for the series, gets her true introduction in an episode without a super-villain.

Democracy Dies In Darkness When The Media Avoids Extremist Democrats

The election of Democrats is covered as extremely important and newsworthy, but what these same Democrats say and do once in power cannot be honestly reported.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is The Unicorn In A Field Of Fantasy Candidates

Democratic hopefuls seem to be on one big apology tour. Ocasio-Cortez’s unblemished, perfectly progressive past is understandably appealing to her party.

How Ocasio-Cortez’s Trump-Like Tactics Could Be Her Downfall

The establishment media does not depend on Ocasio-Cortez as they do Trump. To the contrary, Ocasio-Cortez poses a threat to the media that so far has gone unrecognized by both.

Ilhan Omar Deletes Tweet Smearing Covington High Schoolers, But Her Anti-Semitic Tweets Remain Online

That Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar has left her anti-Semitic comments online while feigning remorse and deleting others is telling.

Impeachment Won’t Be The Trump-Ending Silver Bullet Democrats Expect

The prospect of impeachment proceedings makes many Democrats foam at the mouth, but it might not be as damning for Trump as many expect.

CNN Does Not Know How To Question Ilhan Omar’s Conspiracy Theories And Anti-Semitism

How much anti-Semitism must pile up in the Democratic Party before something can be done about it? And will the mainstream media hold them accountable?

There’s No Way Beto O’Rourke Can Duplicate Obama’s Success

Texas’s Beto O’Rourke so desperately wants to be the Democrats’ ‘hope and change’ blank-slate candidate. Here’s why that won’t work in 2020.

Major Liberal Groups Walk Away From the Women’s March, But Very Quietly

The organizations consciously uncoupling from the Women’s March over anti-Semitism deserve some applause for doing the right thing. But only two cheers.

Revisiting ‘Batman, The Animated Series’: ‘The Underdwellers’

The series’ first original villain—the Sewer King—is a dud who fails to capitalize on obvious themes of the Batman mythos.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ Is Powered By Unicorns

Even if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fever dream were technologically feasible, the burden of funding it would land on the middle class as well as the uber-wealthy.

NYT Puff Piece On Democrat Ilhan Omar Again Whitewashes Her Apparent Anti-Semitism

Ilhan Omar has tweeted, ‘Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.’ The New York Times didn’t see fit to discuss that in its profile.

Revisiting ‘Batman: The Animated Series’: ‘Pretty Poison’

The introduction of Poison Ivy reveals more about Bruce Wayne – and the ambitions of the series.

Revisiting ‘Batman The Animated Series’: ‘The Last Laugh’

Mark Hamill’s Joker gets his first memorable line: ‘You killed Captain Clown!’