Robert Tracinski
Robert Tracinski
Robert Tracinski, Senior Writer
Robert Tracinski is a senior writer at The Federalist. He studied philosophy at the University of Chicago and for more than 20 years has written about politics, markets, and foreign policy. He has been published in dozens of newspapers, from the Chicago Tribune to the San Francisco Chronicle, and been featured on many radio and television shows, from Rush Limbaugh to “The O’Reilly Factor.” He is an occasional guest host of The Federalist Radio Hour and editor of The Tracinski Letter.
Donald Trump Is Not My President, And That’s Just Fine

People who say Trump is ‘not my president’ seem to expect a personal relationship with the man in the nation’s highest office. Which is weird, right?

How Fake News Happens: The Case of the Trump Inauguration Poem

The saga of Donald Trump’s supposed inauguration poem is a good opportunity to take a look at how fake news happens, and how we’re responsible for it.

Why NYT Hid The Numbers For The ‘Hottest Year On Record’

When you read a science report claiming that 2016 was the hottest year on record, you might expect that you will get numbers. And you would be wrong.

Trump Inauguration Protesters Work Hard For His Re-Election

Protesters against Donald Trump’s inauguration are putting forth their best effort to ensure that there will be a second Trump inauguration to protest.

BuzzFeed’s Fake News About Donald Trump Exposes Media Double Standards

The furor over ‘fake news’ on Facebook supposedly tipping the election for Donald Trump was only ever going to end one way. I just didn’t expect it to get there so quickly.

In ‘Rogue One,’ The Hollywood Empire Strikes Back

‘Rogue One’ is a throwback to the highbrow Hollywood culture that the original ‘Star Wars’ film rebelled against back in 1977.

In 2016, Did Donald Trump Banish Principles from Politics?

Donald Trump is openly, brazenly unprincipled, without bothering over any pretense. How will that change the Republican Party?

The Democratic Party’s 2016 Death March Presages GOP Suicide

This year was a disaster for the Democratic Party, and it was caused by decisions they made long ago about their basic priorities.

2016: The Year The ‘Alt-Right’ Breached The Moral Quarantine On Racism

This was the year the alt-right crawled out from under its rock and cracked open a breach in our culture’s moral quarantine against racism.

2016 Is The Year The Left’s Liberalism Died

One of the top stories of 2016 is the ongoing death throes of ‘liberalism,’ as the American left slips back toward its totalitarian roots.

‘Fake News’ Is The Legacy Media Shaking Down Facebook

The ‘fake news’ hysteria is an attempt to intimidate Facebook into setting up the ‘legacy media’ as gatekeepers and toll collectors for the digital media.

Inside Donald Trump’s Secret Ayn Rand Conspiracy

Did you know the Trump administration is installing Ayn Rand ‘acolytes’ at the highest levels of government? How come nobody told me we were taking over?

How To Repeal Obamacare: Repeal Obamacare

After their big election victory there is nothing to stop Republicans from dismantling Obamacare. So naturally they’re figuring out how to blow it.

Donald Trump Is Ideologically Gutting The Republican Party

The worst part of Donald Trump’s economic interventions is that he’s getting other Republicans to throw out the party’s free-market ideology.

Fidel Castro: The Left’s Beloved Symbol of Negation

Why would people who profess to be ‘liberals’ so avidly support and make excuses for a brutal dictator like Cuba’s Fidel Castro?

Donald Trump’s Carrier Deal Is Just Cronyism as Usual

The Carrier deal shows that Donald Trump isn’t going to ‘drain the swamp.’ He’s just going to favor a different set of swamp creatures.

Hey ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Why Didn’t You Tell Us About The Bubble?

Democrats looking to figure out what went wrong and how to recover would actually be well-advised, for once, to take a cue from “Saturday Night Live.”

Mike Pence Is Right About ‘Hamilton’ Cast Lecturing Him: That’s What Freedom Sounds Like

The actors in ‘Hamilton’ got the spirit of civil discourse right—and so did Mike Pence. Too bad President-Elect Donald Trump doesn’t.

NeverTrump Is Over. So What Does It Do Next?

What to do now that Donald Trump is going to be president? Skip the five stages of grief and go straight to the five stages of NeverTrump.

5 Ways Donald Trump’s Victory Is Barack Obama’s Legacy

What most people haven’t realized yet is the extent to which Donald Trump’s election victory is the unintended legacy of President Obama.