Robert Tracinski
Robert Tracinski
Robert Tracinski, Senior Writer
Robert Tracinski is a senior writer at The Federalist. He studied philosophy at the University of Chicago and for more than 20 years has written about politics, markets, and foreign policy. He has been published in dozens of newspapers, from the Chicago Tribune to the San Francisco Chronicle, and been featured on many radio and television shows, from Rush Limbaugh to “The O’Reilly Factor.” He is an occasional guest host of The Federalist Radio Hour and editor of The Tracinski Letter.
NYT Peddles More Global Warming Science Without Numbers

If Glacier National Park is melting because of global warming, you would expect to hear how much temperatures have increased there. Don’t hold your breath.

Don’t Just Blame Sean Hannity For The Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

It’s easy to blame Sean Hannity for the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. But isn’t this kind of conspiratorial thinking a fixture of our popular culture?

Why Are Global Warming Alarmists Afraid Of Nuclear Power?

Environmentalists scream about fossil fuels and carbon dioxide, yet they’re afraid to even mention the two best alternatives.

The Constitution Is Foolproof, But It Isn’t Damned Fool Proof

President Trump clearly lacks elementary prudence or self-discipline. But the voters chose him, and the Constitution doesn’t give us any way around them.

What I Learned When The Nazis Came To Charlottesville

A bargan-basement Nuremberg in Charlottesville, Virginia, is a warning about the attempt to create a permanent new racial conflict in American politics.

Why Mixing Harry Potter And Politics Ruins Them Both

Unite with me in opposing one of the greatest threats to the future of our republic: the massive overuse of Harry Potter references in political discussion.

Even Prominent Conservatives Have Socialism Hiding Inside Their Heads

It turns out the problem isn’t the socialism in our economics. It’s the unexamined collectivist assumptions inside our heads.

No, GOP’s Obamacare Update Doesn’t Make Rape A Pre-Existing Condition

The left has been freaking out so long they can’t tell true from false. Take the headlines that the AHCA makes sexual assault a ‘pre-existing condition.’

Bill Nye Shows What Happens to Your Brain On Politics

What happens to you when politics comes to define every aspect of your life? Joss Whedon and Bill Nye offer cautionary tales.

The Top 5 Forms of Socialism Denial

I wrote that denying the disastrous consequences of socialism is Holocaust denial for the Left. In response, socialism’s defenders set out to prove my point.

For The Left, Socialism Denial Is Holocaust Denial

We’re supposed to remember the horrors of the Holocaust so we’ll never let it happen again. But we haven’t done the same for the horrors of socialism.

The ‘March For Science’ Shows How Carl Sagan Ruined Science

The organizers of the ‘March for Science’ follow the legacy of substituting a political narrative for the distinctive language and methods of science.

The Tesla Bubble Reveals The Tech Media’s Bubble

Arguments in favor of Tesla’s subsidies would make a whole lot less sense if the tech media had the slightest familiarity with pro-free-market economics.

So Far, U.S. Leaders Are Pursuing A Multiple-Choice Strategy In Syria

America has launched air strikes against the Syrian regime, but do we have a strategy yet for Syria? Or do we have too many?

In Syria, The First Step Is Recognizing The United States Has A Problem

We shouldn’t need humanitarian prompting to care about Syria. We should care because we’re terrified of the implications for our own interests and security.

Democrats’ Sad Search For An ‘Appalachian’ Savior

Democrats are desperately clinging to the narrative of a rural Appalachian savior who will help bring their party back from the edge.

The Freedom Caucus Is The Silver Lining In The Obamacare Debacle

The only way the Obamacare replacement bill could have turned out worse is if Republicans had actually passed it. Thank the House Freedom Caucus.

Cosmopolitan Hates For Women To Orgasm If Men Enjoy It Too

Why does Cosmo think its bad for men to love women’s orgasms? Because feminism has poisoned the most intimate form of human cooperation with adversarial politics.

Meals On Wheels Desperately Needs To Get Cut, And We Shouldn’t Stop There

The really radical and dangerous position is the idea that programs like Meals on Wheels are required to be part of the federal budget.

Trump’s Arts Funding Cuts Will Take Us Back To The 1950s. Good

The people screaming about PBS, the NEA, and the NEH are the same people who helped tear down the arts in favor of the ‘counterculture.’