Robert Tracinski
Robert Tracinski
Robert Tracinski

Robert studied philosophy at the University of Chicago and for more than 20 years has written about politics, markets, and foreign policy. He has been published in dozens of newspapers, from the Chicago Tribune to the San Francisco Chronicle, and been featured on many radio and television shows, from Rush Limbaugh to “The O’Reilly Factor.”

The Enlightenment Ideal Of Reason Has Absolutely Vindicated Itself

Enlightenment ideas have a long track record that shows the ideal of reason is not an illusion but a commonplace reality.

The Kavanaugh Hearings Are About Reason Versus Emotion

Evidence and logic are not what we heard about in most of the reactions to the Kavanaugh hearings. What we heard is how the testimony made people feel.

Lord Acton’s Most Famous Maxim Explains The Catholic Church Scandal

The Catholic Church is a leftover of absolute power and rule by divine right, and this is a leading factor in its current crisis.

We Need A New Counterculture To Combat The Left’s Circular Firing Brigades

A whole generation of kids are growing up under the thumb of oppressive, closed-minded authority figures. They’re waiting for something worth rebelling for.

Brett Kavanaugh Is Not A Generic White Male. He’s An Individual

Some on the left want to punish Brett Kavanaugh, not as an individual, but as a symbol of collective white male privilege.

Hurricane Florence Proves Weather Is Climate, But Only When It Suits The Left’s Agenda

The left has been claiming Hurricane Florence is a higher power’s vengeance on America for our wickedness.

Under White Privilege Theory, Progressives Won’t Be Happy Until You Hate Your Kids

You’re probably perpetuating racism. How? Because you love our kids and want them to do well in life. Which is just the worst, right?

Making The ‘Miracle’: Jonathan Mayhew And The Enlightenment In America

If you want to know how the American ‘miracle’ came to happen, start with 18th-century preacher Jonathan Mayhew, in the book ‘Father of Liberty.’

If It’s As Bad As The NYT’s ‘Anonymous’ Says, The Trump Administration’s ‘Atlases’ Need To Shrug

If Donald Trump is incompetent, let him fail. The country might take a hit in the short term, but we’ll be better off facing the cold, unvarnished truth.

Is Transgender The New Anorexia?

A blockbuster study suggests that in some cases transgender is a ‘social contagion,’ a maladaptive coping technique spread by peer groups and the Internet.

The Catholic Church Is Losing Its War On Human Nature

The Catholic Church’s ‘pedophile priest’ scandal, which goes to the heart of the organization, is the wreckage of its doomed war on human nature.

Here Comes That Clinton Impeachment Rerun You Asked For

The Trump sex payoff scandal looks just like 1998, except that the two parties have traded places so everyone can look totally dishonest and hypocritical.

Unfrozen Caveman Intellectual: Jonah Goldberg’s Strangely Dark Enlightenment

Jonah Goldberg’s defense of the legacy of the Enlightenment ends up being mostly a rehearsal of boilerplate 20th-century American conservatism.

New Economic Growth Shows That A Rising Tide Really Does Lift All Boats

It has been two decades since the U.S. enjoyed sustained economic growth above 3 percent, and it turns out that a rising tide really does lift all boats.

Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Accountable Capitalism’ Is More Proof Of ‘Progressive’ Feudalism

Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act shows that her ‘progressive’ agenda is to resurrect an essentially feudal approach to property rights.

Trying To ‘Own The Libs’ Is Actually How You Get Owned by Politicians

The real danger of the ‘own the libs’ mentality isn’t just about the failure to persuade. It’s about failure to hold your own side accountable.

This Year, There Was Finally Only One Side Left In Charlottesville

Having Antifa as the only side at this year’s demonstrations in Charlottesville is clarifying about the real motives and priorities of the far left.

Charlottesville Is In A State Of Panic Over A Few Nazis Who Might Not Even Show Up

The city is shutting itself down for three days, because the mere prospect of a few neo-Nazis is spinning people into a full-blown panic.

Steven Pinker Shows How To Defend The Enlightenment Without Really Trying

Steven Pinker makes a good case that something has been going right in the modern world, but you’re on your own if you want to define exactly what that is.

Rule By Executive Order Is Also Bad When Trump Does It

The cause of small government is not served by following Barack Obama’s example and asserting dubious new powers for the president’s pen and phone.