Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer is a writer and editor. She’s fascinated by politics, culture and theology. Follow her on Twitter @HScheer1580.
Pushing Women To Ditch Bras And Makeup Isn’t Empowering

The natural-at-any-cost movement excludes women who want or need bras and makeup, and guilting those who do more than brush our teeth in the morning is a step back for all women.

With Wyoming Judge’s Case, Left Aims To Ban Religious People From Legal Field

The case of Judge Ruth Neely in Wyoming shows, in stark clarity, that it doesn’t actually matter whether religious people do their jobs well and keep their religion to themselves.

‘Stranger Things’ Examines Power Politics Through Family Stories

‘Stranger Things’ pits those who seek the truth against those who seek power, and local communities against faraway officials using them for shadowy ends.

8 Ways To Simplify Back To School

The fade of summer and rush to set up life to run smoothly during the school year can stress even the most organized family. Here are some tips to help.

Parenting Doesn’t Stop At Kindergarten

If you need help with hormones and planning life after high school, the parenting circuit can be a rather lonely place.

What Police Say About Our Public Safety Crisis

In the context of concerns about police brutality and growing mental health problems in our society, police officers discuss weak points in our social safety nets.

Dear DNC: Abortion Isn’t Empowering. It Turns Women Into Bullies

In a moment of truly blinding irony, NARAL’s president called for Americans to elect Hillary Clinton as president so she could stand against bullies.

The Taylor Swift Drama Is Escapism At Its Worst

Taylor Swift is endangering her every-girl-next-door persona with revelations of deception and backstabbing. Who cares?

Don’t Make Snap Judgments About Shootings Based On Viral Videos

Eyewitnesses are unreliable and biased. Videos don’t tell the whole story. A rush to judgment based on incendiary video snippets hurts our country.

Trans Mandate Displays Military Focus On Social Engineering, Not National Security

American taxpayers are now on the hook for sex-change operations and other therapeutic services now that the military invites trans service members. Other soldiers are aghast.

California Bill Would Ultimately Erase Religious Schools

Proponents of Senate Bill 1146 say they need to give students grounds to sue religious schools for teaching their religion, because ‘discrimination.’ Whatever happened to freedom of religion?

7 Great TV Dads Who Defy The Stereotype

We know TV and movies beat up on dads. But not all of them.

7 Wedding Gifts When You Want To Go Off-Registry

It’s possible to give a unique, thoughtful wedding gift without breaking the bank or sending something so kitschy that you’ll be listed as a lame gift giver for the rest of your life.

Being A Stanford Athlete Is No Excuse For Rape

When a grown child commits a crime, families have choices. Ignoring, minimizing, and reducing the heinous nature of your child’s actions shouldn’t be one of them.

The Left Is Now Targeting Christian Schools In Its Potty Crusades

The Obama administration is investigating a school in Wisconsin for telling families that they expect students to live according to Christian values while at school.

10 American Mothers Who Changed The World

Despite the popular trope that to be an important woman you need to focus on reproduction, these women have had varied and rich contributions to all facets of society.

FDA Allows RU-486 Abortions To Expand

The FDA will now allow women a longer window to chemically starve unborn babies, with less medical oversight.

10 Strategies Far Better Than Shirley MacLaine’s For A Good Marriage

This is about what it takes to make most marriages work—and it’s not open marriage or letting pop culture rule your relationship.

Ben Carson Bushwhacks His Voters With Trump Endorsement

Ben Carson not only promised supporters he would not endorse anyone for president, but told supporters they should pick the most ethical candidate. Then he did the opposite.

Women Have Good Reasons For Not Supporting Hillary

It’s not sexism making young women flee Hillary Clinton—it’s simply that she doesn’t represent us.