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Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer is a writer and editor. She’s fascinated by politics, culture and theology. Follow her on Twitter @HScheer1580.
Watch Distraught Mom Flag Off-Duty Police Officer, Who Saves Her Baby’s Life

Officer Jeremie Nix was off work at the end of his shift when he came upon a scene that would terrify any parent. His quick thinking saved little Kingston’s life.

Parents Fight With U.K. Hospital To Feed, Give Oxygen To, And Diagnose Their Sick Toddler

His parents have the choice of either holding Alfie Evans or letting him lay in a crib as a medical team watches but refuses to provide care. These actions will lead to Alfie’s death.

Burying Miscarried And Stillborn Babies Is A Policy Of Love, Not Offense

Instead of discarding babies’ remains, this hospital offers parents the choice of a group grave financially covered by the hospital or a private burial at the parents’ expense.

Barbara Bush, Mother And Wife Of Presidents, Dies at 92

Barbara and George H.W. Bush were married for 73 years, the longest marriage of any American presidential couple.

Trump Nominee Wendy Vitter Is Right: Planned Parenthood Kills At Least 150,000 Girls Every Year

This issue with Vitter’s confirmation comes as people on the Left are increasing pressure against hires if they’ve spoken against abortion or any non-hardline leftist views.

What’s At Stake In The Fight Over Ireland’s Pro-Life Eighth Amendment

As Ireland nears a summer referendum on whether to change a constitutional provision ensuring unborn children’s right to life, public demonstrations have broken out.

‘Wind River’ Grippingly Portrays America’s Crime-Ridden Indian Reservations

‘Wind River’ isn’t just a typical crime drama, it’s also the story of how isolation changes people, both for the better and the worse.

‘Backwards’: Hillary Clinton Apparently Still Has No Clue Why She Lost

Her condescending words targeted voters in states that twice voted for Obama, and show she still doesn’t understand why Americans didn’t vote for her.

If ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ Is Stripped Of Its Christian Themes, The Film Can Only Disappoint

Christianity isn’t just a minor element of Madeleine L’Engle’s fantastic story, it’s at the deepest center.

Where Does Monica Lewinsky Fit In A #MeToo World? Not Where She Thinks She Does

Monica Lewinsky’s Vanity Fair essay examines her Clinton affair in light of #MeToo, and asks long-overdue questions about consent and power disparities in sexual relationships.

Attempting Another Hit Job On Clarence Thomas Only Hurts #MeToo’s Credibility

The sexual harassment allegations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas have been repeatedly undermined by their own creators. Reviving them is embarrassing.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Unexpected Warning To The #MeToo Crowd Is A Vital Wakeup Call

Ginsburg’s comments about due process are a common sense breath of fresh air in an increasingly polarized cultural climate.

To Practice Intentionality And Reflection, You Can’t Beat Lent

Lent lingers. It lasts for weeks, requiring patience and a commitment that spans not hours or days but more than a month.

Know These Signs Of Domestic Abuse So You Can Help Yourself And Others

While we can’t know the truth about Rob Porter, this is an opportunity to examine how abuse can hide in plain sight and how to help someone in an abusive relationship.

Watch The Stunning Launch Of The World’s Most Powerful Rocket Into Space

Falcon Heavy is the newest in a lineup of rockets from Space X, a private company aiming to colonize Mars.

4 Ways To Hide Your Online Conversations And Transactions

The process of securing your online and social life can seem overwhelming and daunting, but it doesn’t need to be.

How Magazines Like Seventeen Get Away With Pumping Oversexed Propaganda

Magazines like Seventeen can tout sexually explicit nail designs and not lose readers, because conservative magazines fail on a key selling point.

10 Things Nancy Pelosi Must Think Cost $1,000

In honor of Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s views that $1,000 is a ‘crumb,’ here’s Lucille Bluth on what costs lots and lots of money.

Court Rightly Denies Larry Nassar’s Cowardly Attempt To Silence His Survivors

The former gymnastics doctor who pled guilty to criminal sexual conduct will have to face more than 100 of his accusers in court.

Don’t Spend Five Years With A Guy You Don’t Marry, Like Lena Dunham Did With Jack Antonoff

Women need to stop dating men who spend years keeping them waiting with the suggestion that they might someday be ready to start a life together.