Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne is a senior contributor at The Federalist. He studied Italian and English literature at Virginia Commonwealth University. His work has also been featured at outlets such as Reason and Front Porch Republic. He is a frequent guest on radio programs such as the NRA News's Cam and Company, the Steve Deace Show and Real Side with Joe Messina. He currently runs the blog Trial of the Century. He lives in Virginia.
Trans Woman Sues To Force Catholic Hospital To Remove Her Healthy Uterus

Transgender totalitarian is coming to a hospital near you.

Paul Krugman Has Turned Into A Wild-Eyed Conspiracy Theorist

In The New York Times last week, Paul Krugman wrote what may be the most quietly unhinged column of the entire election, no mean feat.

Dear Cosmo: Being A Christian Is Not A ‘Scandal’

Cosmo writer Laura Beck is walking a familiar beat: the oblivious journalist who suddenly discovers the alien and inscrutable beliefs of the Christian people.

Attacking Scott Pruitt As A Climate Change Denier Only Hurts Alarmists’ Crusade

Correctly acknowledging the climate change debate is enough to get EPA nominee Scott Pruitt branded a ‘denialist.’ Why would anyone take such a clownish ideology seriously?

‘Hook’ Deserves A Place In Robin Williams’ Hall Of Fame

The film isn’t about rediscovering the joys of youth. Quite the opposite: it’s about the joys of responsibility and adulthood.

Why The Media Would Pretend Catholics Are Trading Abortion For Climate Change

‘Catholic leaders’ believe that ‘climate change’ is on the ‘same level’ as abortion and the death penalty? If you know about Catholics, you’d be skeptical.

Sorry, New York Times, But ‘Smart Guns’ Are A Dumb Idea

There are three reasons gun-owning Americans are suspicious of, and reluctant to purchase, ‘smart guns.’

Paul Krugman Illustrates The Damaged Political Psyches Of The Left

The election damaged the political psyche of liberals in ways that it will probably take a while for us to understand.

Why Liberals’ Coming Fight Over Identity Politics Will Be Ugly

The more practical wing of the Democratic Party and the more manic, single-minded constituency largely comprised of young liberals are in for a giant fight.

‘Not My President’ Proves Liberal Love For Democracy Is Just A Ruse

Liberals who chest-thump about the integrity of our political institutions are frequently eager to discredit those same political institutions when it suits their purposes.

Dear Lefties: If You Don’t ‘Feel Safe,’ You Can Always Buy Some Guns

Many historically persecuted minority groups have found gun ownership to be a wonderful way to provide for their security.

Tim Kaine Mangles Parable, Compares Hillary To God

Hillary Clinton running mate Tim Kaine already has a tenuous relationship with his faith, and his handling of one of Christ’s parables seems only to solidify that.

Gavin Grimm Is Not A Boy, And The Supreme Court Can Never Change That

What transgender student Gavin Grimm needs is what all mentally ill people need: support, not enabling.

Why Hillary Clinton Is Such An Effective, Perpetual Liar

Hillary Clinton has lied so frequently that it is entirely possible that she has come to believe some of her own lies.

The Left Thinks More Socialism Can Fix Anything, Including Obamacare

A program that effectively nationalized one-sixth of the U.S. economy and rewrote the relationship between American citizen and state didn’t go far enough?

Watch Donald Trump Force Liberals To Contradict Themselves On Everything

Whether liberals really hate Donald Trump more than they love their supposed convictions, or their convictions all pretense, it’s hard to say.

No Fact-Checkers Can Cover For Hillary Clinton’s Ghastly Abortion Views

The most salient and effective tools in the pro-life arsenal are the cold, hard facts about abortion: it is a medical procedure that kills innocent human beings. That’s why the Left avoids the truth.

Why Every State Should Recognize Other States’ Gun Laws

There is precisely one right from the Bill of Rights that is not guaranteed for interstate travelers: the right to keep and bear arms.

Why Is Trump’s Sexual Depravity Bad But Bill Clinton’s Okay?

Hillary Clinton says we can’t let Donald Trump in the White House because he’s a pervert. But she’s also enabled a president who follows a twisted and degenerate sexual code.

Why Are Republican Lies Bad But Democrat Lies Okay?

If you’re a Democrat, you can be confident that the press will not hound you if you tell a lie. You’ll probably even get some good coverage for it.