Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne is a senior contributor at the Federalist. He is an assistant editor for The College Fix, the news magazine of the Student Free Press Association, which works with college-aged writers and aspiring journalists who are looking to improve campus journalism, explore careers in the media, and commit themselves to the principles of a free society. Daniel's work has appeared in outlets such as National Review Online, Reason, Front Porch Republic, and elsewhere. His personal blog can be found at Trial of the Century. He lives in Virginia.
Leftists At UVA Are Proving President Trump Right About Thomas Jefferson Statues

Earlier this week around 100 people covered a UVA statue of Thomas Jefferson ‘in a black shroud…adorning it with signs that dubbed the former president a ‘racist’ and ‘rapist.’

‘It’ Ranks With ‘Shawshank Redemption’ As The Greatest Stephen King Film Ever Made

‘It’ is not primarily about a monster but about growing up, about how even if you can evade the demons of childhood adulthood, as one boy realizes early in the novel, will get you in the end.

No, Eric Holder, The Dreamers Aren’t Americans. That’s The Point

Citizenship is not defined by one’s mindset, but by law. That’s the whole reason we’re even having this discussion.

Abortion Supporters Defend Killing Babies For Their Disabilities

It is something of a horror-movie marvel to witness just how far pro-choicers will go to defend abortion.

Our Post-Charlottesville Narrative Is A National Embarrassment

Why have the tragic events of Charlottesville transformed so many people into irresponsible, violent, censorious, and hysterical lunatics?

Trump Spoke Truth About ‘Both Sides’ In Charlottesville, And The Media Lost Their Minds

The media behavior in the wake of this press conference was arguably something new, a sort of grotesque watermark of the media’s coverage of the Trump administration thus far.

If We’re Tearing Down White Supremacy, Start With Planned Parenthood

If you were a white supremacist who wanted to sharply reduce the black population, what would you be doing differently than Planned Parenthood?

Why And How To Bake Your Own Scrumptious Bread

Sharing your fresh bread with friends and family—this thing you made especially for them and for you to enjoy together—is about as gratifyingly communal as it gets.

If Google Fires Anyone Over Stereotyping, It Should Be The Employees Who Stayed Home To Cry Over A Memo

James Damore’s firing surely serves as a warning to anyone who might subvert the utterly inflexible pieties of modern progressivism.

No, Lindy West, Abortion Isn’t ‘Liberty,’ It’s Murder

Abortion advocates now push their cause as a positive good, in line with how post-revolutionary American slavery partisans came to embrace slavery.

J.K. Rowling Lies About Donald Trump And Apologizes—To Someone Else

If J.K. Rowling is sincerely convinced that the situation merits an expression of regret, why not direct it at the man whom she wronged?

J.K. Rowling’s Bizarre Leadership Of The Unhinged Anti-Trump Left

J.K. Rowling provides more proof that, in the Age of Trump, the Left is losing its grip with reality.

UK Authorities Ran The Clock Out On Charlie Gard’s Life

Having denied Charlie’s parents the right to seek treatment, then wasting time through a protracted legal process, the defendants in the case effectively ran out the clock on Charlie.

Facebook Is Bad Enough. Real-Life Farmville And Zuck 2024 Are Worse

Facebook has taken one step closer to its grand vision of a shining newsfeed on a hill, announcing a self-contained Facebook community for rich tech people in Menlo Park.

The Vatican’s Statement On UK Baby Condemned To Die Is Frightening

If this is where the Vatican now makes its stand, then the most vulnerable members of society—which is to say all of us, at some point—are in trouble.

Gun Controllers Know Their Policies Won’t Stop Murder. They’re Playing A Different Game

Had gun controllers’ proposed rules been in place, they would not have prevented America’s recent high-profile mass shootings.

The Acquittal Verdict In The Philando Castile Case Is An Abomination

There was no good reason for Jeronimo Yanez to have opened fire upon Philando Castile. He had no indication that there was any reason to do so.

If Liberals Held Equal Standards For Shootings, They’d Blame Themselves For Alexandria

Did the same media that condemned Republicans for allegedly inspiring the Gabby Giffords shooting condemn today’s hysterical anti-Trump climate? Of course not.

Dear Climate Alarmists: Now That The Paris Accord Is Settled, Please Go Away

Your hysterics surrounding the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris global warming arrangement have finally driven it home for us: this isn’t working.

Watching My Wife Give Birth Illuminated What A Miracle Life Is

I had been by my wife’s side for 12 hours as she moaned, breathed, and eventually pushed, and still I was not prepared for what seemed for all appearances to be magic.