Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne is a senior contributor at the Federalist. He is an assistant editor for The College Fix, the news magazine of the Student Free Press Association, which works with college-aged writers and aspiring journalists who are looking to improve campus journalism, explore careers in the media, and commit themselves to the principles of a free society. Daniel's work has appeared in outlets such as National Review Online, Reason, Front Porch Republic, and elsewhere. His personal blog can be found at Trial of the Century. He lives in Virginia.
13 More Major Fake News Stories In Just Five Months Of Trump’s Presidency

With Donald Trump in the White House, the media is increasingly apathetic towards, if not antipathetic to, the truth.

Bill Nye: Gender-Chromosome Correlation Is So ’90s

Bill Nye hasn’t edited old segments from his show to better adhere to the scientific method. He’s doing it to align himself with progressive orthodoxy.

It’s Not James Comey’s Fault That Hillary Is A Terrible Politician

We should not be afraid to tell the Nate Silvers of the world the uncomfortable but undeniable truth. James Comey did not cost Hillary Clinton the election. Hillary Clinton did.

Did Bill Nye Censor Himself Because Of Transgender Ideology?

Someone appears to have retroactively censored an episode of ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ that explains how human chromosomes determine our biological sex.

This Earth Day, Remember How Often Environmental Alarmists Are Wrong

Now you can ignore the hysteria and simply live your life without worrying about Tampa.

Matthew’s Gospel Offers An Amazing Case For Christ’s Resurrection

It could be that the disciples—a bunch of cowardly goatherds and fishermen—had secret ninja powers. Or just maybe, Jesus actually rose from the grave.

The Patriarchy Is Too Powerful For Us To Deny White Men The Vote

To effectively take the vote away from the white males, one must give them special non-voting privileges. Which kind of defeats the purpose. Sorry, ladies.

This Practice Shows Health Care Can Be Cheap And Personal When People Pay Cash

Direct primary care offers in reality what our political class has thus far offered us only in theory: sane, reasonable, and affordable health care.

Trump Is America’s First Social Media President. That’s Not A Good Thing

Social media can accomplish great things. It can also be a sewer pit of self-absorption and thoughtless anger. Trump has to learn to tell the difference.

Cosmopolitan Doesn’t Understand How The Constitution Works

Cosmopolitan’s Jill Filipovic has constructed an argument against originalism that should embarrass even the most disinterested of history students.

Research Problems Unravel Liberal Narrative Alleging ‘Everyone Is Racist’

Years of sensational coverage has made the ‘implicit bias’ test out to be a foolproof predictor of racist belief. The evidence strongly suggests otherwise.

No, An Embryo Is Not Inhuman Like ‘A Sack Of Almonds’

Science confirms that human life begins at conception, even if the pro-choice movement tends to look upon this as if it were some kind of witchcraft chant.

If Child Sex Is More Common Among Gay Men, Are We Okay With That?

It seems we may be willing to reflect cheerfully on a man’s reminiscence about being sexually abused when he was 13, simply because the man in question is gay.

20 Questions Liberals Need To Ask About Their Reaction To Trump

At times like this, introspection and self-examination are important tools for anyone.

No, Congress Isn’t Letting Mentally Ill People Get Guns

The rule in question does not, in fact, ‘keep guns from the mentally ill,’ and repealing it will not allow the mentally ill access to firearms.

16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won

Journalists, media types, reporters, you have two choices: you can fix these problems, or you can watch your profession go down in flames.

Prominent Leftists Now Outright Condone Violence To Oppose Trump

We are not even two weeks into the presidency of Donald Trump, and already we are at this point. Where will we be after four years, or even eight?

Here’s A Primer On Pro-Life Responses To Common Counter-Arguments

The ideas of the pro-life movement are much richer and more interesting than many commentators would have you believe.

NYT Turns To Feelings-Based Journalism To Savage The Trump Administration

This is feelings-based journalism, and it is likely that, throughout Trump’s presidency, it will only continue to grow in popularity.

The Crazy Left’s 4-Step Strategy To Ensure Trump’s Re-Election In 2020

Embarrassed, angry, and confused, the Left is simply doubling down on the behavior and the rhetoric that drove large numbers of Americans to vote for Trump in the first place.