Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne is a senior contributor at The Federalist. He studied Italian and English literature at Virginia Commonwealth University. His work has also been featured at outlets such as Reason and Front Porch Republic. He is a frequent guest on radio programs such as the NRA News's Cam and Company, the Steve Deace Show and Real Side with Joe Messina. He currently runs the blog Trial of the Century. He lives in Virginia.
How To Spot A Media Hoax

The more an accusation of wrongdoing or criminal activity sounds like a picture-perfect capitalized example of Hate Crime or Wicked Evil Behavior, the more you should mistrust the claims.

Why Do Dumb Celebrities Keep Blaming The NRA For Everything?

Shut up, Wesley!

The Transgender Suicide Rate Isn’t Due To Discrimination

If discrimination were truly a motivating factor for transgender suicide or attempts such as Chelsea Manning’s, you would expect the black suicide rate to be higher than the white rate.

If Firing An AR-15 Scares You, Maybe You’re A Sissy

If you can’t fire a commonplace sporting rifle without feeling ‘irritable and jittery’ for hours afterwards, that’s a problem with you, not with the gun.

Seth MacFarlane Apparently Can’t Read Charts About Gun Ownership

Comedian Seth McFarlane wants you to believe two charts indicate high gun ownership rates correlate with high gun-related death rates. But his own data proves him wrong.

The Orlando Attack Is What Actual Homophobia Looks Like

Homophobia is not a reasonable objection to the deficiencies of modern gay culture, but a profound and even homicidal desire to harm gays because of their sexual preferences.

Elton John Inflates The Big Gay Marriage Lie

Elton John and David Furnish allegedly have sex with numerous other partners, yet they insist their kids would be harmed by seeing this reality in print.

Left Explicitly Condones Anti-Trump Violence

If you’re fine with riots, then you’re almost certainly not among those people who have had their buildings torched or cars destroyed in the course of a riot.

No, We Haven’t Discovered ‘Gun Control That Actually Works’

A national gun registry would be just as stupid and ineffective as Washington DC’s gun registry.

7 Reasons You Should Vote For Hillary Instead Of Donald

Donald Trump has proven himself irredeemably incompetent for the presidency. You should not vote for him.

The Science Is Settled: Boys Do Not Have Menstrual Cycles

A female high school student in Vermont uses the boy’s bathroom because she claims she is a boy. She has periods. She is female.

Trump Proves Super PACs Can’t Buy Elections, But Free Media Can

If Democrats actually believe all the things they’re constantly saying about ‘buying elections,’ then they should start trying to regulate the media.

Trump Is Right: Hillary Clinton Wants To Take Your Guns

To disagree with the Supreme Court over Heller, as Hillary Clinton has, is to disagree with the right of individual Americans to own firearms.

Dear New York Times: Government Jobs Haven’t Gone Anywhere

Cry taxpayers a river: government has shed 1.5 percent of its workers since 2008.

Sarah Palin Is Right: Bill Nye Is No Scientist

Bill Nye fits perfectly in an era in which the public’s working definition of science is more or less ‘the word I say whenever I feel as if I’m losing an argument.’

Trans Mafia Put North Carolina In A Chokehold

The LGBT mob threatens states with economic and social violence because they know it works. Its latest target is North Carolina, but it won’t be the last.

Why You Should Keep Backyard Chickens

For one, urban chickens are far less annoying and far more useful than your neighbor’s pack of

Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Is Really ‘Or I’ll Make You’

Michelle Obama’s signature Let’s Move program pretends to be about healthy eating, but it’s really about controlling people.

3 Reasons Donald Trump Is A Social Justice Warrior

Donald Trump is the perfect social justice warrior president. In short, he’s a whiner, sissy, and coward.

Girl Scout Cookies Prove We Need To End Child Labor Laws

The end result of child labor laws is ultimately not child protection but prohibiting children from using their innate potential to earn their own money.