Cheryl Magness
Cheryl Magness
Cheryl Magness
Cheryl Magness is a writer, musician, and homeschool mom. In addition to The Federalist, her work has appeared in Touchstone, American Thinker, OnFaith, and You can find her on Twitter @CLMagness.
How I Learned To Stop Being a Grammar Nazi And Get On With Life

The closer you get to putting away your red pen for good, the more it seems there are more important things to do than leaving a trail of underlinings, deletions, and stets. 

6 Common Sense Parenting Steps That Will Assure You Of Absolutely Nothing

Here is your all-purpose guide to what every mom and dad needs to do for their kids.

Please Don’t Invite Me To Your Online Product Party

I’m glad for those who enjoy online parties, and use them to buy or sell products, or to have some fun. But you can count me out.

4 Christmas Gift-Giving Fallacies That Need To Die

As much as we claim to believe that Christmas is about giving rather than receiving, our behavior often communicates something else.

7 Ways To Put Jesus Back Into Christmas This Year

If you are a Christian—and last time I checked Christmas was still a Christian holiday—it matters not whether your Christmas is simple or sumptuous as long as it is sanctified.

16 Lovely Songs You’ll Want On Your Advent Playlist

We cheat ourselves when we go straight from Thanksgiving to Christmas without fully appreciating the opportunity Advent offers for reflection, preparation, and joyful anticipation.

Why You Should Still Send Christmas Cards In A Digital Age

Even if my recipient never reciprocates, or tosses my Christmas card in the trash with nary a glance, the act of writing and sending it helped make me more human.

20 Classic Songs That Need To Be On Your Thanksgiving Playlist

Instead of playing Christmas music for your Thanksgiving feast, consider listening to some Thanksgiving-themed music instead. Yes, there is such a thing.

10 Things To Do On Election Night Besides Watch the Returns 

If you, too, are looking for an alternative to sitting glued to your television screen watching returns that promise to be depressing no matter which way they go, here are a few possibilities.

6 Reasons Your Fifties May Be The Best Decade Of Your Life

Having now scaled Mount Half-Century, I’ve realized the fifties are the decade in which you accept the inevitable while enjoying another drink on the patio.

Frankensteining Babies With DNA From Three Parents Is A Terrible Idea

Children are not hamburgers, and doctors are not short-order cooks standing ready to slap them together according to the customer’s preference, tossing in the waste bucket the ones who don’t pass quality control.

7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Home Cooking

Help! There’s a French man trapped inside my husband’s body!

Here’s What To Do When People Like Ted Cruz Disappoint You

Rather than sinking into despair, here are proactive ways to channel life’s inevitable disappointments.

How To Be A Good Mother When You Don’t Have Any Role Models

For the woman who does not have a strong, positive mother figure in her life, it can be hard to know where to turn for help with this enigma called motherhood.

Colin Kaepernick Has A Point About America’s Failures

Yes, Colin Kaepernick, we live in an oppressive nation. That’s all the more reason to respect the flag.

6 Things Crazy Family Vacations Teach Us About Real Life

Our family vacations have given us guidance for all the crazy situations we’ll encounter for the rest of our lives.

Forget Politics. Here Are 8 Ways To Improve Your Life Today

Like most Americans, I am too inclined to look to government or the election of a single candidate to enhance my situation when it would be far more productive to improve my life myself.

How To Get Your Money’s Worth Out Of College

You can’t trust a college degree to provide job security or a good education, but that doesn’t mean there are no schools out there worth attending.

How To Reclaim The Lost Art Of The Family Meal

Here are a few strategies my husband and I have used to make mealtimes occasions for nourishing not only the body but the mind, heart, and soul as well.

Elie Wiesel Is Gone, But His Message Is Forever

If we are serious about ‘Never again,’ we must acknowledge the evil of which humanity is capable and the potential that exists for a free people to give up their freedom.