Adam Mill
Adam Mill
Adam Mill is a pseudonym. He works in Kansas City, Missouri as an attorney specializing in labor and employment and public administration law. Adam graduated from the University of Kansas and has been admitted to practice in Kansas and Missouri. Adam's greatest pride is his 12-year-old son, who shares a love of deep political discussion and hiking in the alpine as often as possible. Check out Adam’s new novel on Kindle, "Recrudescence." It's the story of a Kansas graduate student who discovers a hidden Greek oracle. The discovery invokes a curse that causes her to travel back in time-waking each morning a day earlier than when she fell asleep the night before. Inspired by the Greek myth of Cassandra, the title and story are about the restoration of things thought lost forever.
Promises That Mueller Is ‘Closing In’ On Trump Are So Far Just The Media Crying Wolf

If we didn’t need a free and independent media, it would be comical how they all yap this same talking point in perfect harmony.

It’s In America’s Best Interests To Stop Overspending On Our Military

We spend gobs of money on our military, so what do we get in return? A lot of foreign intervention that has little clear benefit to Americans.

Men Avoiding Women At Work Because Of Me Too Have Learned Exactly The Wrong Lesson

Brett Kavanaugh might have had more trouble defending himself against sexual assault allegations had he followed Mike Pence’s line of thinking.

Charles Blow’s Latest Column Accidentally Reinforces That Russia Collusion Is A Hoax

Shame on The New York Times for printing this unsupported and irresponsible speculation. This kind of journalism is doing real harm to our democracy.

10 Reasons It’s Time To Fire Rod Rosenstein

When a subordinate undermines the president, defies Congress, flouts the rule of law, and bucks the chain of command, it’s time to relocate his office to Antarctica.

If We Don’t Cut Debt And Spending, The U.S. Is Poised For Another Financial Crisis

If inflation reaches ‘80s levels and the Fed responds by increasing interest rates to ‘80s levels, the United States will undergo a jarring debt crisis. 

The Latest Russia Collusion ‘Bombshells’ Are Big, Fat Duds

Like so many other Trump-Russia collusion theories, this is yet another half-built bridge that doesn’t connect to the other shore.

Obvious Double Standard On Recusals Proves Russia Probe Is About Getting Trump

Robert Mueller’s probe is a political prosecution, and everyone willing to be honest with the situation knows it. Where are the calls for their recusals?

Watching ‘Gosnell’ Shattered My Agnosticism On Abortion

The new movie reminds us that we need moral courage when dealing with the harsh realities of abortion and that the question of when life begins remains unsettled for many Americans.

Why Rod Rosenstein’s Obstruction Claims Are A Bluff Trump Needs To Call

We have seen a glimpse of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s ‘nuclear arsenal,’ which is as phony as the wooden missiles the Russians used to paint for their May Day parades.

4 Times The Popular Narrative Was Wrong About Terror Attacks

History has repeatedly made fools of those who attempt to solve terror attacks based upon narratives. Things are not always what they seem.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Promising Americans The Same Thing Hugo Chavez Promised Now-Starving Venezuelans

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez invites America to chart a course towards a socialist mirage that barely obscures so many wrecks of nations that have heeded the same call.

Why The DOJ Shouldn’t Prosecute Russians For Social Media Posts About U.S. Politics

Americans should not be forced to consume only news sources and conversations that are on the Department of Justice’s approved list.

Elizabeth Warren May Be Making U.S. History As The First Trans-Racial Senator

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s absurd DNA testing debacle should make us all wonder why we are glued to putting people into racial categories.

The Senate Shouldn’t Let Brett Kavanaugh Get Mauled In Accusers’ Last-Minute Ambush

Somebody has to pay the price for an accuser withholding the allegations from the regular hearing process. Why should it be the man who did nothing but participate in good faith?

10 Red Flags About Sexual Assault Claims, From An Employment Lawyer

It’s not nice or politically correct to say, but people do sometimes lie to get money, revenge, power, attention, or political advantage. False allegations of assault have been documented.

10 Questions For The Congressmen Trying Stop The Release Of Russia Probe Docs

A letter from four congressmen demanding Russia probe documents remain secret raises some important questions about where abuse of power is really happening in the Trump administration.

The Left Is Exacting A Terrible Revenge On Kavanaugh For Threatening To Limit Their Power

What a terrible price there is to pay for a judge who naively questions whether unelected bureaucrats should have the final say on what the law means.

Why Price-Gouging Helps People Recover Faster From Natural Disasters

You might grumble at having to pay high prices. But shortages turn disaster areas into looting zones as otherwise law-abiding citizens become desperate for essential supplies.

5 Times Trump People Were Trapped Into Creating Russiagate Narratives

Actors attempting to entice Donald Trump campaign officials were connected to either the U.S. government or to Hillary Clinton-retained opposition research firm Fusion GPS, or both.