Adam Mill
Adam Mill
Adam Mill works in Kansas City, Missouri as an attorney specializing in labor and employment and public administration law. He frequently posts to, a blog exploring unique angles in faith, politics, and the alchemy of the free market. Adam graduated from the University of Kansas and has been admitted to practice in Kansas and Missouri. Adam's greatest pride is his 11-year-old son, who shares a love of deep political discussion and hiking in the alpine as often as possible.
Bruce Ohr May Have Broken More Than The Law By Pushing His Wife’s Opposition Research To The FBI

Did Ohr ‘personally and substantially’ participate in a particular matter in which his spouse had a ‘financial interest’ while he worked for the Justice Department?

27 Times People Predicted Political Catastrophes For Trump That Didn’t Materialize

NBC’s Chuck Todd told his viewers almost three years ago they would look back on that week and say, ‘This was the beginning of the end of Trump.’

Why Russia Should Be Free To Campaign For Or Against Trump On Social Media

If it’s illegal for the Russians to try to persuade American voters to vote against Hillary Clinton, should it be illegal for the British to do the same against Donald Trump?

6 Stupidest Points In Chris Cillizza’s Outrage Listicle Over The Trump-Putin Press Conference

I guess our president is supposed to confess to a crime he says he didn’t commit just to avoid disturbing CNN’s Chris Cillizza.

The DOJ Has Turned The Russia Investigation Into A Puzzle Designed Never To Be Solved

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and others embarrassed by DOJ’s actions are shielded by the never-ending nature of the investigation.

A Factual Comparison Of Watergate And Russiagate Shows They’re Mirror Opposites

The 2016 Russia scandal is, in many ways, the mirror image of the Watergate scandal. Like a mirror image, what might appear to be a reflection is actually an inverted and opposite image.

President Trump’s Economic Recovery Proves America’s Freedom Still Has A Chance

While Jesse Kelly is absolutely right that economic failure and socialism are inexorably related, he is not correct that the United States is on an unstoppable path to this oblivion.

James Comey And Peter Strzok Walk Into A Courtroom And Meet The America They Sold Out

Here’s what might happen if an ‘uneducated, lazy POS’ American happened to spend some time around FBI henchmen Peter Strzok and James Comey.

If Paying Stormy Daniels Was A Crime, The Clinton Campaign Committed It Too

Rod Rosenstein personally approved a highly questionable raid on President Trump’s private attorney, particularly given new context we have regarding the Clinton campaign.

Rod Rosenstein Mocks Congressional Oversight While Proclaiming Fealty To The Constitution

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein literally laughed at Congress’s right to oversee him and declared he will not change how he does business.

Does Gun Control Reduce Murder? Let’s Run The Numbers Across The World

After I thought about it, I realized the question of whether reducing guns in a society will lead to fewer murders is a testable hypothesis.