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Breaking News Alert Report: 'Three Counter-Snipers' Were In Building Trump Shooter Used, Took Photos Of Him

Boyd: The Deep State’s Target Isn’t Trump, It’s Voters Like You


“Even if they get Trump on all of these trumped-up charges … they’re not going to stop there. And we know that because for the last two years, the Biden regime has gone after regular Americans like me and you,” Federalist Staff Writer Jordan Boyd said on “Carl Higbie Frontline.”

“They went after a pro-life pastor who was declared innocent for just standing for life. They went after parents who showed up to school board meetings and said, ‘You’re not allowed to bring your sexual agenda, your masks, your racist curriculum in here.’ The bottom line of this whole investigation is they’re not just coming after Trump, they’re coming after you. And they don’t want the GOP populist power that elected him to have power again.”