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Bedford: Leftist Policies Are Only Further Victimizing The Insane


“Our cities aren’t collapsing because of some unseen economic thing that we have no control over. They’re dying by active suicide, led activists who won’t change their mind[s],” said Federalist senior editor Chris Bedford on Fox Business in response to rising crime rates in American cities.

“If you go to New York, or you go to Washington, or you go to Boulder, Colorado, or any of these other cities … there is a massive population on the streets of people who have lost their minds, who are suffering from severe mental illness or debilitating drug addiction. And people say that it’s nice to call them the ‘otherly homed,’ or the ‘differently homed,’ that we should give them resources to continue living on the street. That just continues to victimize them, to make them victims of violent criminals who are among them,” he added.