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Breaking News Alert This Week In Lawfare Land: Bragg's 'Star Witness' Blows Up His Own Credibility

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Anti-Semitism Mars The Olympic Spirit

…anything, the Olympics resembles the distasteful politics of the United Nations more than it does the triumph of the brotherhood of man. So can we stop pretending the Olympics aren’t…

How To Fix Olympic Coverage In 7 Steps

…of the Olympics. Despite hoping for better viewership this year compared to four years ago, NBC saw a 35 percent drop in viewership of the opening ceremony and a 20…

Athleticism Is The Height Of Style

…of athletic achievement and marry it with powerful imagery of equally ambitious sartorial prowess.” If the Olympics focus on the athletic achievements of the human body, why should such a…

In Praise Of Sochi Schadenfreude

…would “totally smash the splittist schemes of the Dalai Lama clique.” Qingli saw the Olympics as optimal moment to launch into some political haranguing, because the Olympics is a political…

Lift The Ban On Athlete Doping

…rebirth of the modern Olympics came well into the age of the nation-state. The flag as much as the individual is the repository of our jingoistic passions in today’s Olympics….

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