Tyler Stone
Tyler Stone

Tyler Stone studied history at Le Moyne College. He currently resides in Arlington, Virginia and is a member of the WWII Ranger Research and Education Group.

No, The Communist Soviet Union Wasn’t Anti-Fascist. The Two Ideologies Are Bedfellows

The historical relationship between fascism and communism is more complicated than appearing to be on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum.

‘Dunkirk’ Should Be Considered Christopher Nolan’s Greatest Film

‘Dunkirk’ is not a war movie in the mold of ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ ‘We Were Soldiers,’ or any of the hundreds of other war films that have come before it.

73 Years Later, A Glimpse At What D-Day Meant To Americans And The World

On June 6, 1944, the liberation of Western Europe, the final phase of World War II, began. The D-Day operation faced almost impossible odds, and almost didn’t succeed.

The Trump Administration Is Not A Bunch Of Toadies For Russia

If President Trump were a Manchurian candidate bent on making Russia ‘great again,’ then the place to look is not his speeches, but his administration’s policies regarding Russia.