Thomas Tacoma

Thomas Tacoma is assistant professor of history and political science at Blue Mountain College and the author of “The Political Thought of Calvin Coolidge: Burkean Americanist,” due out from Lexington Books in October.

How Civil Disobedience Curbed The Michigan Governor’s COVID Abuses Of Power

The political drama in Michigan reveals how essential it is in a republic that the citizens defy unconstitutional and illegal orders of their government.

How Calvin Coolidge Defended The Constitution Amid Riots, Pandemic, And War

If we want to see the Constitution and the form of government it created survive, we must recognize that citizenship requires more than voting.

Calvin Coolidge’s Birthday Is The Perfect Time To Dispel Popular Myths About Him

Calvin Coolidge was not quite the laissez-faire president he’s been made out to be, nor was he a servant of Big Business. The truth is somewhere in between.